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Assistance at Different Time of Day?

I’m dealing right now with a limited time schedule but don’t want to cut down my training to a limited time 5/3/1.
I’m doing 5/3/1 BBB with body weight assistance.
I also happen to wake up at 6 am everyday to watch sunrise but I prefer to train at around 1 pm.
Is it a good idea to do my bodyweight assistance work such as push ups, chin ups and ab work at 6 am instead of at the end of heavy lifting?

Why not just follow Limited Time from Forever? It doesn’t lengthen the cycle at all and puts the assistance on a different day. I really liked the program and got good results from it. Workload stays the same, you’re just dividing it up in a way that lets you get it done in less time.

Il look into that alittle more
But I think I still feel better weight lifting 3-4 days a week even on limited time.

So looking at the limited time plan it does look possible to do assistance exercises in the morning and weight training in the afternoon on a regular 4 day week schedule.

You still end up lifting 4 days a week on Limited Time from the Forever book, it’s just that 2 of the days take you about 15-20 minutes each.

It’s not a good idea, but it’s not a bad idea either. It will definitely work.

Just out of curiosity, are you waking up to watch the sunrise or is there a TV show called Sunrise that you are getting up for?

It reminds me of this article I read a while back:

And did during grad school.

I don’t think it’s bad idea at all, and def something I try to do for stuff that I can squeeze in on a lunch break.

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I skimmed through it when you told me about it. Il read through that section again and get back to here.

Why is it also a bad idea? Because of fatigue for the afternoon workout?

So everyday this ball in the sky starts appearing from somewhere and makes the world brighter, I just really think it’s good to watch.

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I said it wasn’t a bad idea.

That’s true
So why is it not a good idea?

So it’s only two actual days of lifting, the other days are assistance work, which I am doing as body weight, not weight lifting.

Because a good idea would mean that this idea has some sort of merit beyond training normally.

It’s simply AN idea. It’s neither good nor bad. But following it will mean achieving your goals, which makes it an effective idea.

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Do you think it has a significant downside to it, such as fatigue for the afternoon workout?

If I did, wouldn’t I say it’s a bad idea?

lol, so confusing but i get it.

People do 2-a-day workouts all the time. Your morning workout would almost act like a feeder workout. You might see MINOR performance drops, but if you’ve given yourself enough time between those sessions, you’ll be fine.

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Your idea will allow you to achieve your goals, as I wrote before. I wrote that in the hopes of avoiding confusion.

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This is basically how we split our training up when I was in the Army. We did unit P.T. (Physical Training) which consisted of variations on push ups, sit ups, pull ups, sprints, distance runs and that stuff in the morning. Then in the afternoon, those of us that liked lifting did so. We tried to do it at lunch, though that wasn’t always possible, so we’d sometimes have to do it after work was finished for the day.

The first week you may feel a slight dip in performance, but your body will adapt quickly.


I’m guessing splitting assistance work in two would be a bad idea?
25-50 reps in the morning and 25-50 reps at the end of main lifting workout.