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Assist Straps for Stones

anyone try Spud Inc stone straps? how exactly are you suppose to use this thing?

I’m guessing it goes around the far side of the stone and you pull it into you with the red handles?

yeah basically, seller says its mainly for the large stones 20 inch diameter or more. roll stone on top of strap so its sitting in the craddle, then pull the stone by the handles up into your lap.

was wondering if anyone else found these straps effective?

[quote]sumabeast wrote:
was wondering if anyone else found these straps effective?[/quote]

It probably depends on what you want them for.

If you’re a competing strongman, they might be good for an occasional use to mix things up. They might be nice to overload yourself or do stone squats or rep work or something without worrying about grip.

However, since grip and getting the stone off the ground can often be the most difficult part, I don’t know how often you would want to use them.

If you’re just a guy who wants to play with stones, I see no problem at all with using these straps.

Malone is on the money here. These straps are going to be a crutch for the weakest link in your chain-- grip and the hug that breaks the stone from the ground.

For what it’s worth, I’m with the “purists” on this issue-- I come from a point of view that stone lifting is a sort of “raw” alternative to the machined and designed world of the gym. A great part of the relevance and appeal is in the natural, brute strength test of getting a big 'ol rock off the ground, whatever shape it might be, wherever it may lie.

To me, things like straps and tacky defeat the purpose. That’s just my two cents.