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Assigning Numbers to a Pixel. Coding Issue?

I have searched the net and asked on different platforms (reddit, quora) with no luck. I figured I would give T-Nation a shot.

Is there a way to assign a number to a pixel so that when I print out an image I get a sheet of numbers instead of colors? Any programs or would it need custom coding?

I took an image and changed the size based on pixels. I then used index colors to use only 5 colors.

I want to do something like this:


**I was told google sheets and excel can do this but, after trying it, I think it can only be done manually. No problem with 50 pixels it would take to long with the sample image which is around 14,000 pixels.

ImageMagick can turn it into a text file for you but you will need to manipulate the output to transform that into a raster/matrix