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Assessing Neurotransmitter Deficiencies

Hi Coach, hope you and the others are well?

Your latest article on neurotyping, coupled with my previous question to you regarding dopamine crashes etc has inspired a new line of thought for me in my adventure in trying to regain optimal vitality.

I have looked into neurotransmitter deficiencies / imbalances and have taken a few online tests to determine where any problems might lie. BTW, I understand that labs / blood tests are less than accurate as neurotransmitter levels fluctuate quite widely and quickly throughout the day and as such diagnosis via symptoms may be better in this case.

Now it seems that there are a few common threads that keep popping up for me, namely:

  1. Low serotonin - I scored very badly on this section
  2. Low norepinephrin / Thyroid - I scored very badly in this section
  3. Low GABA / Cortisol - Not as bad as the first two, but still out of range
  4. Low endorphin - Scored badly in this section as well
  5. Blood Sugar - The one thing that was in range (odd seeing as I am fattish)

These results from 3 different tests more or less confirm one another, so I am assuming where there is smoke there is a fire.

I was also thinking and please correct me if my logic is faulty here, that if I wanted to make use of your neuro-typing stencil to determine my “type” and concomitant workout and meal plans, that I should first ensure that my neurotransmitter levels are optimal to let my body metabolize the way it wants to, thereby ensuring that my “true me” bubbles up to the surface? Or am I over reaching with that?

So I was hoping to hear your opinion on this topic and whether you would venture suggesting any course of action to me to correct the above?

As usual, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & regards,