Assessing My Deadlift

Posting it here since it’s related to 5/3/1.
Premise: I got an infection back in late July that I had to treat with ciproxin, which forced me to a stop for a few weeks and caused some strength loss.
I’ve been working back since mid August and feel I got most of my strength back (even more on some lifts).
The lift that was hit the most was the deadlift, I took my TM back 3 cycles on deads, 2 on squats, and 1 cycle from bench and press.

Now, I’ll try to give all the infos.
After a cycle of 5’s Pro, 5x5FSL, I moved to Full Body 3. Right now, full body routines 3/week are the ones who fit best into my job schedule.
I’m currently doing the second week of the second Leader, 3/5/1 setup, so I just did the “3” week, doing the “5” week right now, then I’ll have “1” week and move into the Anchor phase.
Important: I’m only doing front squats, three times a week.
Second workout of the week I do squats 5’s pro, then work up to deadlift TM for 3-5 reps.
Here’s the issue: on the first Leader cycle, I could work up to my deadlift TM (138kg) and hit 5 reps beltless all weeks.
Now, in this cycle, with a TM of 142kg, I only got three good reps the previous week, beltless. The fourth rep was a total grind. Today, again, I only got three good reps and stopped because I felt the fourth one would have been a grind too - this time, I was wearing the belt.
Since I got back from the short stop I feel like deads are a bit weird, like if something changed in the way I pull. Like if bar path isn’t the same than before, and I feel them more in my lower back and legs, they build fatigue quicker than they used.

Considerations up to this point:
-i think i’m still not 100% used to squat three times a week, this alone might be a contributing factor;
-the fact that I do the same reps belted and beltless suggests it’s not a core/abdominal pressure issue, I originally thought that doing front squats 3/week and before deads could be a bit too taxing on the core but doesn’t seem the case;

Getting more specific, I noticed that before the stop I lifted keeping the bar in contact with the body all the time - it would scrape my shins. Now, it doesn’t happen anymore, I don’t feel it scrape on my shins.
Before, after the pull, I would lower the bar and it would end up in the same exact starting position, I only needed to grip hard, up the chest and pull again. Now, when I lower the bar it ends a bit ahead of my shins and I have to pull it back to make contact.
Before, the initial pull from the ground was slow-ish, but the hip snap after the knees was incredibly fast and it felt great. Now, the hip snap is slower.
Could all of this be caused by the fact I’m not keeping the bar close enough to the body?
Possible causes would be:
-technique fault, sounds more likely, I need to focus more on keeping it close;
-lats weakness, sounds unlikely since I haven’t noticed anything similar in the other lifts

Course of action from here:
-next week, do 5’s pro on deads too, focusing on keeping the bar closer to the body;
-head into the Anchor fase, see how PR sets go and evaluate from there, do the TM test before next program and tweak TM accordingly;
-move into Full Body 16 as next template. I wanted to do Full Body 7 and then 12 (squat intensive) before 16, but 16 has 5x5FSL and 10x5FSL for deads during the week and doing more volume at a lower % sounds like a more sensible approach to fix any issue;

does this make sense?