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Assessing Clients for Mobility and Stability


Hi guys,

Im a Strength and Conditioner/Personal Trainer. Was wondering what others used when assessing themselves/clients for mobilty and stability of the joints. ie FMS, thomas test, ankle mobilty from wall etc



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There was just a recent article posted on this subject. And Ive read a few others on the same topic.
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The biggest thing is know what you're looking for and if a test is specific for a certain thing or a generality. It's best to not say "If test A says X is the problem then I need exercise #1, If test A says Y is the problem then I need exercise #2" etc this is very short sighted. Each test is just a piece of the puzzle.

SFMA is a good start, but to really get all the info those tests can tell you, you need to know your anatomy cold, and know what is lengthening, contracting and stabilizing in any given situation. If you know that, and I mean REALLY know that, then you can start looking into SFMA or FMS. But like BBB said, you have to get experience by actually working with people and then you can start to pare down your testing and focus on gathering specific info.