Assess and Correct

I’m not sure why this product hasn’t gotten more attention, but I feel like its worth its own thread.

Without parroting the whole product description, Assess and Correct is a brand new product developed by Bill Hartman, Eric Cressey, and Mike Robertson. The whole purpose of A&C is to provide gym rats like us with a tool that will allow us to assess ourselves for any types of postural, dynamic and static dysfunctions or limitations that could potentially lead to injury.

The DVD set comes with a bunch of bonuses (soft tissue manual, sample warmups, and etc). In its opening week, they were kind enough to offer it at a discount price of 100 dollars vs. the 130 that its going to be after the end of the week.

With the type of stuff Eric, Bill, and Mike put out, I’m sure this product is going to be nothing short of fantastic. From what they say, this product its a completely different level from MM and Inside Out. I have already placed my order and am waiting for my DVDs to arrive!

If you’re dealing with some injuries and/or want to prevent them, you should definitely check this out.


You guys are welcome.


I got it yesterday. It’s awesome and the DVDs haven’t even arrived yet.

assess, I read that wrong :frowning:

Ordered my copy.


Ordered two days ago already

BTW, did any of you guys get an email regarding whether or not your DVDs have been shipped yet?


[quote]Mr.Martian wrote:
BTW, did any of you guys get an email regarding whether or not your DVDs have been shipped yet?


MR sent out an email today, here’s part of it: “If you purchased the Assess and Correct DVD’s, you will be receiving an e-mail when they ship. Due to the sheer volume of orders we received, I think our distributor is a little overwhelmed. Regardless, they should be going out VERY SOON!”

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words and orders. Mike, Bill, and I put a ton of work into this project and are really excited about the finished product. We appreciate your support!