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Assaulted by Stepson-to-be


My Fiance and I came home tonight and found her son (18 year old scholarshipa football player DII) on the stoop. He is 4 steps up and gets into a verbal argument with the two of us, about him being locked out of the house. I inform the key is the usual place and attempt to show him. He then proceeds to push his mother, my fiance, and cold cock me in the eye and nose while i am bending over to show him where the key is. My fiance falls to the ground from his assaulting her from his elevated position. From his elevated position when he struck me with his right fist, he proceeded to break my nose and open a major cut above my left eye.

He continued to assault me on the front lawn and knock his mother down again. I managed to get away from his assault and get inside and was attempting to get his mother inside also, and in the process he forced his way inside. He then proceed to assault me again inside the kitchen and dining room.

It finally ended and the police were called by my fiance. They asked me if i wanted to press charges and at the time my adrenaline was pumping and I did not realize the extent of my injuries from his assault. At the time I said I didn't wish to press charges. But now realizing the extent of my injures:
Broken Nose
Major Cut above left eye, needing stitches
Sprained Right Ankle and pain in my 4rd metatarsal
And a major bruise to my left hip

What should I do, Press Charges or not?


Uhhhh fuck yeah you should press charges


Press charges.


Absolutely press charges


only thing holding me back is it may f up the rest of his life...


Obviously states differ but you must research this... Your statement and injury descriptions are consistent with 2nd Degree Battery which constitutes a felony. It appears that you are now cohabitating with the offender so by definition, makes this a Domestic Battery 2nd.

There are 2 answers here.
Legal Route - you follow up on and carry through with the entire process from pressing charges, all the way to the final adjudication.
Personal Route - provide this young man with an earth shattering ass whipping that forever haunts him. If you're diminutive in stature - find an equalizer.


Does he have a history of assaulting folk?

And absolutely agree with the above. The third option of letting this slide isn't really an option. You let people away with shit like this - they tend to come back for more.


he now lives at school so no longer co habituates.
he has no known history of assault.


Press charges. Definitely. It may screw things up a bit for him, but wouldn't learning to handle problems with violence screw him up too?

If you let him get away with it, he may try it again, and down the road you may not be there when he decides to get rough with mom. Or it could be some GF he gets angry at. Think about the other people who might be in danger if he never learns to cool it.


Press charges or else he'll think he can get away with stuff like that


ah shucks.... He might have to learn something the hard way?

Fuck that. You can't go around raging at people for no fucking reason. He needs to learn that.

Press charges, and take a boxing class or some shit. :wink:


what a fucking psycho. was he really drunk or something?


He's an adult. He MADE the choice to act violently against you. He needs to learn a lesson. Press charges.


No known history? The dude nailed you like a pro.

How about none that mom will admit to?


Press charges


Fuck the police. If you cant beat his ass, hire someone who can - beat him so bad he can't play football for a month. Make sure his nose is broken and that he needs stitches on his face. Knock a few teeth out while your at it.

That will teach him FAR better than the slap on the wrist he will get once he pleads this shit down with no prior record and get's bullshit community service or weekends in a county jail hanging out and watching TV.

First offense second degree assault? He ain't gonna do any time - no lesson will be learned by him but that you can beat the system.

Fuck him up, don't take him to court.

If he is convicted of felony assault, he won't ever get a good job. TRUST ME. Do you really want to ruin your step son's life over a stupid fist fight? Nowadays even blue collar jobs are pulling background checks. It's fucking ridiculous. We live in a system that even once you do your time, you are punished for the rest of your life. Don't do that to your step son.


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Isn't it your soon to be stepson, not son in law?


What he said. You got a guy that is caught with an ounce of pot doing some ridiculous amount of time and wife beaters and baby rapers get out in a few months. In a situation like this the "system" will do more harm than good, to you. Beat his ass....twice. Once for pushing his mother multiple times (that shit ain't cool) and the second for being a little bitch and hitting you when you were not prepared for his assault.


More info needed here OP. Was he drunk, stoned? Does he suffer substance abuse?