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Assault Weapons Ban - Republican!?



Introduced and supported by Republicans.

I'm confused. What in the fuck is going on? Am I massively misinterpreting something here?


Yeah so? Republicans, Democrats... they all are drinking the Washington DC Kool Aid...


there was a ban on assualt weapons for years that expired and was never reinstated.

this one is to reinstate that old ban.
I bet it will pass too
but guess what my family never gave up the preban weapons we had before the old ban
and I will not give up mine this time.


Say it ain't so...


my understanding was when the ban lifted in 2004 they kind of wanted to renew it then but never did.

now there was in 07 a bill that was turned down to reinstate the ban they bvoted that down something like 8-90

this ban I heard will be forever and expand on the list that was made in 1994.

here is another link I found on it

its complete crap because I see lever action rifles on here.like old 1800s replicas and colectors arms
and centerfire rifles like the varmint guns I have at my house.

if this ban goes into effect I myself will have a house load of outlawed weapons it looks like.


^ OMG, it's a wonder you haven't murdered dozens of people already!

I give up, if the Republicans support this asshattery, then I'm done with them.

Game OVER, man!


Kirk may have an R next to his name but he is pro-abortion anti-gun rights. I doubt many Republicans will support this travesty.


And yet... all of the sponsors are Republican.

And what, exactly, does abortion have to do with gun rights?


"Assault weapons" is also a completely made-up term, it's guns that have a certain number of certain features (pistol grip, bigger magazine, etc.). The whole term is politicized, and a typical politician's attempt to do something (and make political capital) over school shootings a decade ago. Blame the culture, not the guns.


Just reporting on the man. He is not a traditional Republican.


Those are known as RINOs: Republicans In Name Only. RINOs are found almost exclusively in blue states/districts, and are more like Democrats than are Democrats from red states/districts.






I am sure they are afraid they will get swept out this November.


Well it looks like two of my rifles are on there...

It's a shame they won't be getting them.


They're not getting my guns. Period.


Anyone else get the feeling that people don't actually understand what makes a semi-automatic gun a semi-auto?


Yes. They're fixated on the pistol grip, flash suppressor, and magazine size.


The use of buzzwords to get people hyped up about something is an aspect of our political life that people need to wake up to.

Unfortuneately people are dumb enough to drink up the koolaid everytime. It doesn't help that there are willing accomplices in the media that latch onto these buzzwords because it makes their news stories sexier and therefore more profitable.

It is scary that republicans are the ones bringing this bill when we have a congress controlled by democrats and the possibility of a democrat president.


they can have mine... after I give them all my bullets... fired one at a time at who ever comes to pick them up...


No you are not misinterpreting anything. Both parties are essentially interchangeable at this point. It is called an oligarchy. A few thousand politicians who dont understand America(or care to as long as their interests are served) rule the rest of us. The "D" and "R" after their names are used to keep us bickering amongst ourselves while they do whatever they want.


The Republicans are a fraud. Wake up!
IMO they are even worse than the Dems because they pretend to be what they are not.
Dems and Reps share the same agenda, though their method slightly differs. Dems and Reps are no more than left and right wing populists piece of shit.

Ron Paul was good, unfortunately not many american citizens are men enough to vote for him...an old saying says people get the politicians they deserve...