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Assault Bike Workouts

Anybody got any favourite assault bike workouts?

Here’s one of mine,

10 min EMOM
10 cals-1 burpee
9 cals-2 burpees
8 cals-3 burpees
1 cal- 10 burpees

Hey, got a few with just the bike:

10 x 10s hard, 50s easy, rest 5-7 min, then 9 x 15s hard, 45s easy, rest 5-7 min, then 8 x 20s work, 40s easy. “Easy” should be very easy to maintain decent output on the work periods

Another good one: 6 x 2 min work, 2 min rest off bike. This is a good threshold workout where you aim to hold the same watts over each interval

Then of course the 10 min test for max cal’s which originally was on an airdyne bike (goal used to be 300 cals but not sure conversion to Assault bike.

Have fun

yeah that 10 min max cals is a mofo. thanks for the others, cheers

Assualt Bike ? Fucking Facepalm 1970’s Velodyne bicycle bullshit …

Hey Dick, thanks for your input.


Here are some of my favorites

20-30 sets - 6 second max effort sprint, 54 second slow spin - try to maintain same RPM on 6 second sprintleg pump can get crazy
20-30 sets - 30 seconds at 85%, 30 seconds at 50% - like someone else said above looking to maintain same RPM/Watts during 85% portion and increase that overtime

10 minute max cals is terrible, one that is almost equally as bad but in a different way is 1 minute max cals. Don’t try walking quickly afterwards.