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Assault Bike Options for Natural?

  1. I’m currently doing coach Thib’s suggestion similar to Sprint 8 where I will go all out for 30 seconds followed by a 2 min rest for a total of 4 to 8 rounds. (From his article Best Damn Cardio For Naturals)

  2. I’m also walking a few days a week for 30 to 60 minutes.

  • I’m looking for a more steady state middle ground workout WITHOUT elevating cortisol too much. I was thinking about a bout of 10 to 15 minutes for max distance…or a 5 mile as fast as possible…I like these 2 because they give me a target to try to beat each session whether it is distance or time and it seems to be a middle ground to walking or doing the 30 second all out workout.

  • This workout will not be done directly before or after a lifting session but either on an off day or seperated by 8 or so hours from the lifting session.

  • My goal is for fat loss/health benefits without tapping into muscle gain

Thank you for your time!

I have an assault bike, and use it quite a bit. As you say, sprints are where it really shines. You can go from zero to all out in an instant just by your own effort. 30 sec all-out sprints are really tough. They are equivalent to running 200m sprints. I prefer 10-20 sec sprints, and use the 30-60s range for hard runs but cannot sustain all out for multiple reps.

For longer, mellower rides, I also prefer setting a distance. Jim Wendler has you do a 10 mile ride once a week for Building the Monolith, so I adopted this when I ran that program and use it from time to time. This takes 25-30 min, and I just be sure to finish it in less than 30 min. I also like 22 min as a timed ride (also stolen from Wendler). For these, they are more recovery so I don’t push it hard.

I almost always do a 5 min ride to warm up prior to lifting. Works great for that also.

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