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Assault Bike and Leg Hypertrophy

Hi Christian

In your own opinion are there any ways or methods that I can use the assault bike for hypertrophy specifically for the legs?.
This will be my only method to train my legs due to an injury.

Is there a minimum and maximum amount of time I should be aiming for?

I am a type 2b if this helps.

Thankyou in advance

You can use the assault bike or a stationary bike with high resistance to stimulate growth, or at least prevent atrophy.

Since there is no muscle damage (no eccentric), the only way to trigger growth is to go in the lactate zone to get a growth factor release.

This normally means a high intensity of effort for at least 30 seconds. But really, just go hard until it burns like crazy!

Take plenty of rest between sets so that conditioning doesn’t become the limiting factor.

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