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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood


Anyone else excited for this game to be coming out? The trailer looks amazing and the online play seems like it'll be fun too.

Apparently instead of fixing up a villa(as in AC2) you're fixing up different districts of Rome. For what I've read, they changed the combat style to one favoring aggression, so combat is no longer block block block counter (repeat). I also think that enemies attack more than one at a time now. I'm pretty pumped to play, I played the hell out of the first two games in the series.


Now THIS is worthy of breaking out of the geek shit thread.


Mine was orders 4 months ago and Amazon should have it on my doorstep on release day. This game has risen to be one of my favorites and definitely the one I play the most.

If anyone has a PS3 let me know....so I can kill you.


By far the best single player game ever...i am excited for Black Ops for the MultiPlayer, but Assassins Creed is just straight up bad ass


My gf pre-ordered it for me for my birthday. Hey, I'm a college student and money is tight. lol.

This series has been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the newest addition. I'm wondering if you're going to train the other assassins in missions through example or how that'll work.

I haven't gotten on my xbox in weeks so I don't even remember my gamertag. It's either Blaze_xssm or blaze xsssm. Anyone who wants to play can try adding either, I have a picture of a girl as my little pic dealio.


I played the original Assassin's Creed and stopped playing halfway through because it got too repetitive. Cliff notes on why the later ones are better?


Agreed! I love this game.

I think I might hold of till.... nah fuck that, I'm picking it up ASAP.

Is the US release date also the 19th?


The first one is like a beta compared to the 2nd.

Much better story, unique characters, awesome gameplay and replay value.


Looks good. I only played the first one for a bit because my brother was a dick and wouldn't let me play it.

There are too many cool games coming out right now!!!


I've wanted to try one of these games but there are no demos on ps3.


4 more days.


Really? You bastards get it than soon and I have to wait till the 19th!?

F'n bullshit.


I don't know how things are where you live, but AC2 is sold dirt cheap over here now before the realease of brotherhood. And it's a great game.


Yea the very first one was horrible, i hated it...the 2nd one was excellent, and im sure its only going to get better...i have high hopes


Yea we rock, we are fat entitled Americans we have to have shit now not later. :slightly_smiling:

Really you have to wait till the 19th all our new games come out on Tuesday for some reason.


Everything but movies in theaters gets released on Tuesdays here (music, movies on dvd).

Movies in theaters usually get released later in the week.


I never finished the first one. That is why it bothers me that people who ONLY played the first one never paid attention to the massive changes made.

The lead character in the first one didn't even have a voice. They gave him zero personality. He was basically just "you" exploring.

I would actually recommend people ignore the first one completely. It is like a prototype of an idea. After they worked the bugs out, they went and made a REAL game with the second one.


X I will be getting this to take you out, lord knows I could only do it in virtual reality. Let me know when you are ready to DIE.


Couldnt agree with you more...the first one didnt even feel like it was the same game as the 2nd one, i look at the 2nd one as the first, i tried forgetting the first one was even made haha...i didnt finish it either, i played for like 2-3 hours, tried to give it a chance, but gave up...


The only part that i really enjoyed on the first game was randomly assassinating the people that were on podiums talking to groups of people and watching everyone else run in fear. hahah.

The second was a great game though. It took a while to get the hang of fighting the enemies with the special weapons though. The bolt gun was pretty useful too.