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Ass Too Big


My flatmate while commenting on me said my ass was too big. Years of RDL and Squats I guess. Well from a purely bodybuilding perspective, any remedies for this. I follow WS4SB at the moment and am an off season university level (UK) rugby player.


Im guessing youre a guy, and I'm guessing your roomates a guy too. He was commenting on your ass?

Who cares what HE thinks?


Nah its a girl, and i'm a guy.
She said it was out of proportion.


Value your ass-genetics- some of us can get our glutes to grow hardly at all even after years of DLs, Squats and Lunges.


If you're a rugby player, isn't functionality and preparedness for your sport paramount, not aesthetics?


out of proportion compared to what? If for whatever reason you truly value the opinion of this person, just work on bringing up whatever bodypart your glutes are apparently dwarfing...


She says that my ass is like "two big bouncing balls, that stick out and are round". She's asian american but shes one of the 10 women recently to comment on my huge ass.


Springcoil: i can relate. my gf, who is a bodybuilder tells me my ass is too bubbly compared to the rest of my legs. Personally i don't think it is too big but a little out of proportion compared to quads and hams. I've had it my whole life and i suppose i ought to be happy about it cos like someone else said in this thread, "some guys can't grow it to save themselves..." You a rugby player, me a sprinter and if it's functioning for you then keep doing what you are doing.

thing is, if you want growth in only legs then you'll have to possibly change exercises to not incorporate the ass so much. that's kinda tough if you subscribe to the way most training is recommended here. it kinda leaves partial range movements, leg extensions, leg curls, barbell hack squats, close stance squats to parallel. At least that is what I can think of off the top of my head.

Good luck


Actually this comment has led to something interesting. I think its slightly posture related, apparently it lots like my lower back is not braced like it should be and I have slight kypsosis.
I think nows time to do some more Ab orientated work ala NNM by Misseurs Cressey and Robertson.


Do you mean excessive lordosis? 'Cuz that would make your booty pop out, but kyphosis would make your chest sunken and your back hunched. I mean excessive kyphosis, obviously.

On a related note, in one of my classes the instructor asked what kyphosis was and I said "A posterior convex curve of the lumbar spine". And her eyes glazed over and the other kids laughed at me. Screw them anyway, dumbasses.


Probably excessive lordosis, but apparently i walk ape like. Now I'm focusing on posture. Even then though my ass is too big (well screw them, as long as i'm performing efficiently and have good posture.

My back has felt weak recently so focusing on back performance is a priority, hopefully this will remove the lordosis, and help me perform better.


Asian american huh? and living in england? the real question is: Would you hit it?

Btw, does she have much of an ass? maybe shes just jealous dude.


no i wudn't hit it, her legs, ass and tits aren't nice enough. We Irish have high standards in regards women.


Heh, I too have an ENORMOUS ass. I had very excessive lordosis, but after finishing NNM it's not bad anymore. However, I may be wrong, but I think NNM increased the size of my glutes even more. My ass is humongous, and I still work it harder than most bodyparts, because I need strong glutes to maintain good posture.

This really sucks. :frowning:


I too think lordosis is the likely cause, as I used to have the classic 'ape walk'(Once described by Spike Milligan as 'Here's me nose, me arse is following.') Once I started working on abdominals the right way, and holding a pelvic tilt every spare moment, it ironed itself out. Mike Robertson was (as always) bang on the money with that article.

On a side note, you're right about legs/ass/tits, but they have so many other good qualities!


Maybe its dwarfing that body part that you cant really 'bring up' without a little extra bloodflow.

Nah just kidding man.

Thats weird, girls tell me they like a bubble butt. Hey man, its functional- and next time she makes a comment, give her a sweet hip check and watch her bounch across the room.


My dear spring coil (love your name btw) i used to live in london and knew alot of irish people; from your description of her I only have 1 thing to tell you, If she she doesnt have any junk inside her trunk- shes probably jealous of yours, as she sounds like the typical flat sided asian girl.


It's only out of proportion because it's DEVELOPED. End of story. I get the same comments from my wife, but I've been cutting and my arse isn't quite as wide.

People are used to seeing flat or no asses. Most kids in their 20's wear their pant's half way down their ass so after time the general population is not used to seeing ass any way shape or form. Even the girls with their low risers don't have quite the same nice shape I loved in the ol' Levis 501's....1980's people.


I can't believe I forgot this earlier!
To quote the immortal Dale Gribble, of King of the Hill fame:

'It's a scientific fact that women are attracted to men with a round, muscular butt.'


All this talk about juicy man ass is getting me soo hot!

She's a retard, it's better to have a big ass, except when it's time to shop for pants. If you have some lordosis going on, make sure to concentrate on loosening up your hip flexors.