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Ass Too Big for Reverse BB Shrugs


I was wondering if anyone else experienced this. I've been focusing on my traps lately with a lot of shrug variation. However, when I try to do reverse barbell shrugs I can't do them effectively because my...err, well developed glutes get in the way and I can't shrug the barbell upwards enough to feel it.

I've tried it in the smith machine so I can place my body a little more forward but still have trouble. The only thing that seems to work ok is the pulling on a cable set at the ankle position so I'm actually pulling at a 45 degree angle but the problem here is that there's never enough weight on the cable stack for it to make a real difference.

I do a lot of squatting so I've developed my legs and ass pretty well. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


That's odd. I can't do standard BB shrugs because my penis is too big.


You think your ass is too big? What about Ronnie's ass? ;D

Seriously, your arms are too short or your torso too long. I have the same issue.

Just do a different shrug variant.


Try this shrug variation.

  1. Set up to barbells side by side, with enough room where you can step between them at the very top.
  2. Load one end up on both barbells
  3. Step so the weights are behind you and you grasp the part of the bar where weigths are loaded onto it
  4. Shrug

This will really test your grip!


Use a trap bar...maybe....


This is a creative idea. Thanks!


I can't do shrugs because my vagina is too big.


Your welcome! I find when I face the weights it's easier to do, grip wise, and harder on the grip when not facing the weights. I tried to find it on youtube but no luck. Hope I explaiend it well enough!


If you have a large penis or vagina, you have no need to do shrugs. ;0


Ronnie did em. Fuck it whats wrong with heavy ass shrugs. For variation add more weight.


Tell that to Mr. Diesel


Dude, seriously. I am surprised that any grown man over 200lbs can do them behind the back. If your ass is too big, I guess mine deserves its own zip code and home owner's association.


I can't do shrugs because I'm too decisive.


nice one thestle


I've found that doing them with some forward lean in the smith, at least on my frame, lets the start position be at the very bottom of my lower back - I feel the exercise well and can use enough weight progression will be manageable.

Probably depends on body structure if that's manageable.


at least you have finally admitted it.


Do you do "meh"?


I just do them with some body english. I bend my arms and pull it up around my ass. It's pretty impossible to do a strict shrug from the back.


Fear not good people, Nate Green is soon to release a ground breaking article about the advantages of behind the back against the ass statics. Ass-holds for short. It will lift and separate the glutes, as well as grow huge traps, a sure hit with the ladies.


I see...