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Ass To Grass - Weights


What's an ok weight for ass to grass squats for a 205 pound man?

What's a good weight?

What's a very good weight?

When I say ass to the grass, I mean it cannot possibly get any lower than that.


Everything is relative, youre questions are not precise enough.

205 man, what kind of Bodyfat %?
Are you made like a light bulb?
Have you ever squatted ATG before?

I for one can do like 1RM at 150kg after doing ATG for a while but it wasn't my main concern, just a side training to O-lifting.

Good luck.


205 at about 8%

I just did 4 sets 5 reps with 160kg yesterday.

My half-squat (slightly above paralell) is somewhere at 10 reps with 240kg.

My question does not refer to what I should be doing, but what ok, good and excellent numbers would be for the ideal 205 pounds strenght athlete.


OK = Double BW = 410lb
Good = 250% BW = 512.5lb
Excellent = Triple BW = 615lb




So you're saying there's people who squat triple bodyweight in "ass to the grass" fashion?


Do you ever watch olympic lifters?


I'm saying there are Olypmic Lifters who FRONT squat at least 3.5x bodyweight, although they are normally the lighter competitors.

For someone your bodyweight though a triple bodyweight ATG squat would be excellent though.



I would say that is pretty damn good.


Yes I am. That's what I consider excellent and I don't think excellence is something that should be commonly found. I think all 205lb men that workout on a consistent basis can hit 410lb on the squat, many 205lb men can get to the "good" rating if they work hard and smart enough, but not very many can be excellent and get over 600lb. Common, Uncommon, Rare: Just another way of saying it.



PS I'm only around the good rating.


So what would someone who can squat ATG triple bodyweight be able to lift powerlifting style?


There is no direct correlation. One would hope the answer for everybody would be "more", but that is not the case for everyone at all times. Training one instead of the other will give a greater advantage to that lift, but most people should be able to squat a little more when just going below parallel (if they're being honest about "parallel").

The smaller ROM (typically) and the mechanical advantage of a wider, just to below parallel squat will have most people squat more that way, but some people with strength in different muscle groups and the ability to bounce out of the bottom well will do really well relatively with their full squat.


I'm not trying to attack the author or being a jerk, but I'm genuinely wondering what is the point of even mentioning half squat? Partial rep training has its place but it's just a tool or supplemental to your regular training. Why bother to even use that as some sort of guage? Full ROM in any exercise shows where your true strength lies. I also agree with senseless' guide in regards to strength level.


How the heck am I supposed to know that?

Assuming they train ATG all the time I'd say they'd squat exactly the same at a powerlifting meet since people usually use the same form at a meet as they do in the gym.




Because a slightly above paralell lift is pretty close to a powerlifting squat. I have had a back injury and only recently started training legs again, so I have not done below paralell powerlifting squats, only ATG and half-squats. So I can't know what I am squatting now. Simple as that.


My opinion:

For your body weight, ATG (Raw-NO,NO,NO,and not powerlifting style)

200 = CRAP
300 = ok
400 = good
500 = excellent
600 = elite

FYI - Classy, I weigh a little less than you and have a higher body fat %. I'm approaching good.


I have never seen a person squat 2x bodyweight raw, atg.


I'm at 1.5x, actually a bit more. i find it easier to squat a2g though.


I'll get a video tonight of this. Even though I've already had my scotch and I'm in my pajamas. It really isn't that big of a deal to hit 410lbs at 205BW (which happens to be my bodyweight as well).

Perhaps it is time for you to start training with some real lifters if you haven't seen this yet!




Uh, I have to agree, I've seen it on numerous occassions, it's not that rare.


Go watch this, then you can claim to have seen it. I filmed this just now for you.

Wearing my old man pajamas, doing very little warm up. The double bodyweight (and then a few pounds) ATG no no no squat.