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In this week’s T-Nation:

The Heart of the Matter
by TC

The 2003 Testes
by the editors

Quattro Dynamo
by Chad Waterbury

Defeating Dietary Displacement, Part II
by John M. Berardi

Groundbreakers: Estrogen’s Dirty Little Secret
by TC

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The Mighty ducks goal tender was Jean Sebastin Jegar (sp)?

Hey this forum has a magazine attached to it. Who knew.

Looks like it has some pretty good stuff in it. I’ll check it out.

You need to get out of the mud more often Dog.

Before I die, I’d like to do a dental exam on Adriana Lima. Seriously, I know it’s not what you guys are looking at, but she has a beautiful set of teeth. If only people practiced better oral hygiene like that, we’d be outta bidness.

dr. d

The year in review article reminded me of a question I had. I did ABBH back when it was first released and simply loved it. I am thinking about doing it again and was wondering how long one could maximally stay on it. I remeber CW said one could switch the rep parameters on the exersises and do it again but is more than one run through to long to be on any one program? (even one as solid as ABBH) I was thinking about following it up w/ maximal size by JM or BB Basics as they both are similiar.

I did a search so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to TT for the Golden Nutsack…er, uh…Testes award.

Whatever they call it, it is well deserved.

Congrats, TT!

blam, I’m doing my second cycle of ABBH. I flip-flopped the exercises and the rep schemes. That’s good for 7 weeks right there. From there, CW has said to, quoting, “Perform two upper and two lower body workouts each week. Perform one exercise per muscle group and be sure to utilize different exercises for the same muscle group on the second workout of the week. For example, on Monday perform back squats for 5 x 5; on Thursday perform front squats with 5 x 5.”

tme, thank you. (blushing)


your old pal AL!
congrats, you very well deserve it. its a bout time.

Al, my dirty little secret is out: I spend too much time online, am too long winded and obviously don’t have a life.

Where the heck you been, Dude?

? Mighty Duck goaltender Martin Brodeur?s seven playoff shutouts

Expect much hatemail from my fellow Canadians.


Congrats, a much deserved award. The forumn just wouldn’t be the same witout ya.

Also much props to the T-mag staff for recognizing the good thing we have in TT and giving out the award.

Another great issue guys.

since it’s about 2003…

can we recall the album of the year?

I like Metallica, I still listen to their old stuffs alot, but I really think “St. Anger” is lame

Ditto with cancer.

The “resurrection of Tupac” craze is even more deserving than St. Anger.

Congrats, TT.

And kudos to JMB for a great article!

Quattro dynamo by Chad Waterbury

Very much enjoy Chad’s articles.

Training programs which make sense to a beginner weight trainer like myself(commenced 11 months ago,male 44years).
I am still very unsure about all these advertised and ‘recommended’ supplements everywhere.Have used , once a day , 5days a week,Myoplex MRP shake since 9months.Biotest products are not available in Australia.Irrespective I will still follow the above ‘Quattro’ regime.However are there alternative supplements which are genuinely benificial and can be used instead of the ones recommended in your article? There are a number of Supplement distributors in Australia (but not Biotest).I would appreciate any feedback.Kind regards, Wassili Bijl

Stella!!! Good to see you here, girl!!! You’ve been missed!

Thank you for the congrats. (grin)

enjoyed this series. good articles as always from jmb/cw.

itching for a new tate article. any coming soon?

Hey TT,

You’re welcome. I’ve been busy in the past few months, getting back in VA, finding a new job, etc. :slight_smile: (and found a new man as well)

How’s life going for you? Are you still dazzling us with your endless fountain of knowledge and wisdom? :slight_smile: