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Ass Hair

I,m not coordinated enough to shave the hair on my ass, and although I’m not a pussy I’d rather not wax it. Because the hair there isn’t too thick, would some of that nair lotion work, or would it burn the shit out of my ass crack and asshole?

dude, remove a rib. it’s the only way!

actually dog, this is a great question. ive just never had the balls to ask it. so im kind of excited to see the answer too.

Braid it.

Nair`s the best!

Just comb it to the side… nobody will notice it.

Masturbate, that’s some funny shit.

Bleach it. Be sure to put some conditioner afterwards.

I’ve used Nair on my chest and back. And that burned badly. So there is no way in hell I would put that stuff near my ass or any other sensitive parts! I suggest you wax, shave or use trimmers. Get yourself a mirror and go to work! Or maybe you could get someone to shave it for you! Now that I think of it, waxing your ass crack would probably hurt like a mutha too! Haven’t you seen Duece Bigalow???

Douse your ass with lighter fluid and touch it off with a match. Whatever hair is left should be baby soft and will slip out easily with a pair of pliers. Be sure to moisturize afterwards with a soothing, hypo-allergenic lotion like Tiger Balm or Flex-All 454.

Whos going to see the hair on your ass? The guys in the locker room?

As long as it’s not thick and long enough to braid, nobody should notice.

This question makes me wonder how some people *must* have absolutely nothing to do in their day..........I mean, to wonder - and then POST it in a forum - about your ass hair.

hehe this is a cool question. what I do is Nair the cheeks, approaching the inner curve of the crack. Then I squat, and using a mirror, I CAREFULLY shave in and around the crack, balls, etc… The Nair is cool…it actually seems to be attenuating my endogenous gluteal hair growth.

Althoug I have never tried it, I think nair would burn like an ass rape from John Holmes. But to get to your question, I use a trimer (like a wahl) and don’t put any comb on it, just bare metal to ass (works pretty good on the balls too). As far as cordination goes, all you need to do is to get a little mirror and watch what you’re doing. I’ve found this method works better than about anything else (ie. shaving gives you razor burn, and stubble rubbing from one ass cheak to the other is not a pleasent way to walk around). A nice benifit is that it’s a lot easier to wipe your ass and your girl (or perhaps guy) will be more likely to give you a rim job (if you’re freaky like that).

People actually shave the hair on their ass??? What next? Sounds kind of gay to me.

hrm…yeah, jimbob touched on an important point - shaving. if you want/need to shave, you run the risk of developing razorburn and/or zits. there’s an awesome product called ‘TendSkin’ which takes care of this problem very well.

eat a dozen habenero peppers. Theshit you take the next day will remove every hair from your ass. Just dont touch your dick after you touch the habeneros.