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Ass Fat

It makes me sick, I hold fat like a chick. My ass is huge. Its weird I have never had this problem before. I hold 3 times as much fat in my glutes as on my abs there fat to and little on my arms or back. I find it very hard to get rid of this. Despite therms and yohmbine. Even meltdown training. ???

Its all those carbs in the Subway diet Jared. You gotta cut those carbs down. Low carbs, healthy fats and high protein=skinny butt. Plus, where you store fat is a gene thing. You got the ass gene. Hillary got the calf gene. I got the oblique gene. My wife got the boob gene. :slight_smile:

some people might envy you (tho there mostly sickies) you could just say that your bootie is big due to many squats… where as our butts are big due to squards AND we have ab fat.

i too have the same problem, and it really sucks. what im trying to do right now is basically eliminate deep squats from my leg workouts, as advised by ron harris in one of the paper issues of t-mag. so im hoping that may help…on a separate note, you mentioned how you “hold fat like a chick”. Could this in fact be due to having high estrogen levels?? If thats the case, then would taking arimidex change your propensity to store fat
“like a chick”? If anyone could answer that, bill maybe, that would be good.

Its genetic…not the carbs, unless you are eating mostly high gi carbs and or your meals are not evenly spaced out throughout the day. If not, and you cut your carbs down to hardly anything as some suggest you can kiss your muscle goodbye which slows your metabolism down and = Bigger Ass. You need carbs to burn fat.

put on more lean mass and watch your diet better. Also don’t cheat. you only cheat your self. Plus have some patience! laters pk

bumping up for someone who may know if its an estrogenic-related problem or not. thanks.

Deep squats shouldn’t give you a fat ass. Deep squats should give you a muscular ass! Actually, I did read once where Ron Harris advised trainees concerned with the size of their rear to re-evaluate their leg training and emphasize quads and hams more than glutes. His advice, I believe, was to squat only to parallel. Also, some cardio might help. Skipping rope, running and sprinting should melt some fat off your behind. Hey, look at it on the bright side, though, there’s more back there for women to pinch :0)

I am sorry that I do not know the answer to your question but a number of people posting here seem to have reported loss of lower body fat due to using arimidex. See for example the post by Latinus.Hopefully, Bill or someone similar will post a more illuminating response dealing with this issue.

In the meantime if you have a tendency to be fat in the hips, increasing muscle size by squatting is only going to make the area look even bigger, assuming that aesthetics are your concern.

jcbart, you are correct, deep squatting wont make your ass fatter necessarily, but as peter said, the increase in muscle will give it a bigger appearance.

thanks bill

when has an excercise ever made a body part get fatter. thats crazy. laters pk

I didn’t used to have this fat of an ass. It was always big from squating now its big and soft. I used to hold more fat in my abs, now I have a soft layer that wont go away my arms look about 10% same with shoulders. I guess its
estrogen, What causes sudden increases in estrogen? I haven’t used roids or andro products.

I’m just guessing here but maybe the fact that your bodyfat distribution is similar to that of a female is due to a high level of estrogen. If this is the case then you could try using M.

Peter to Jared

It would appear to be estrogen related but unless Bill or someone similar comes on we don’t really know if that’s correct or what the effect of M or arimidex will be. Perhaps a post on the steroids and other drugs thread might get a response?


Jared, sounds like a bad case of estrogen. But before you go out and try to medicate the problem away look at all the other factors in your life: how have you changed your diet (soy?), training, supplementation? You said that this didn’t used to be a problem, have you gained bodyfat since then? If you cannot isolate ANYTHING (and I doubt that will be the case) read “Your doc your dealer” by Cy Wilson, he offers many drugs (and how to obtain them, leagally). Also check out the archieves on the the roid forum.

Embarrassing as it is to admit, I once
tended towards this problem. It was androgen
use that corrected it, and as a permanent
change. Men and women do have different
body fat distribution patterns, and apparently, for some men normal androgen levels aren’t sufficient to fully switch
over to the adult male bodyfat pattern. Once it’s triggered with sufficient androgen levels, the change remains. This is only a theory as to why, but it’s been observed in my case and in others.

I’d say it takes several months cumulative
of androgen use to get this effect (and can’t guarantee it will work for everyone.)

Thanks for the response Bill…Do you think that its a possibility that my estradiol levels are slightly high, which could possibly persuade my doc to prescribe arimidex for usage on a consistant basis? And do you think that this could possibly correct the problem as opposed to androgen use? Thanks Bill!!

Hey Bill you wouldnt mind giving us an outline of how to do this.

Bill, would mag10 for several months qualify as a strong enough androgen?