Ass Fat

I store alott of fat on my ass. This seems uncharecteristic for Males. I read from Poliquin that this could be related to high estrogen levels, and the only way to cut into ass fat is to raise gh and use therms. Is that true?

Maybe Bill can answer this, but if what you said is true about estrogen and lower body fat (makes sense I guess) then would Biotest’s “M” help out since it lowers estrogen?

interesting I have both a large degree of lower body fat and have had gyno from puberty. Seems like maybie I make too much estrogen, Bill what do you think? Also though Ive always had acne especially bad on my back, maybie too much t, is giving me too much e, like roid useres?? Think m will help?
Also what is the cost of a t test and are their any home versions so I could test 3-5 times per year…

for getting your hormones tested check out Testosterone did an article on this. Check the archives.

You can still have high test levels even if you have high enough estrogen levels to get those deposits on the ass and back of thighs. I am naturally hairy with a deep voice, but I still have had trouble with those ass and thigh deposits and recall a soreness in my nipple as a teenager. If you’re not taking anything, the only thing that works is getting your bodyfat really low because that fat will be the last to go. Now I’m thinking that instead of waiting until I become a literal fat ass again to use anti-estrogens like M and Arimidex, it will make more sense to use it during the mass phase when I know I’ll be eating in a way that will dispose to me some fat storage. Then instead of the estrogen giving the ghetto booty green light, that fat will be stored in my gut or some other area that I have a fairly easy time trimming down.