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Well, I have no clue what I am doing. Hopefully this is how you create a training log. No one will most likely see this anyways.

Former basketball player trying to look and perform like a brick shithouse. Here we go.

Current lifts:
Squat 315x5, wayyy high, like 275x5 to depth
Front Squat 255x3
Deadlift 365x3 (sumo)
Press 155x5, 165x0
Push press 185x3
Chinups BW +50x2
Bench 275x1, 225x5

Try to do mobility on off days, but I get lazy.


In the last year and a half I pretty much did kinda starting strength, kinda 531, and kinda other stuff. Pretty much whatever I felt like at the time. In other words I didnt stick to any program, so I am going to give it a college try.


Current "Program"
Squat 1x5 build up
Push press 1x3 build up
Deadlift 1x3 build up
Chinup 3x3-5
Unilateral farmers walk

Front Squat 3x3
Ring pushups 3-5xreppage
Leg curls on blast straps (Similar to GHR/trains both hamstring functions)
Chest Supported Rows 4x8-12

Squat 5x5 @90%
Push press 8x3 @90%
Snatch Grip Rack Pull 5x5
Chinups x50 reps


Squats build up to 285x5. Felt like shit/done way more than this easier.
Push press build up to 175x3. Easy, could have done a few more.
Press 135x6.
Deadlifts build up 315x3. Felt easy, had a few more in me.
Chinups BWx5, +25x4, x4, x3, Bw x7.
Unilateral farmers walk @ 105 5x20yards.


Front Squat build up 205x3, 215x3, 225x3
Blast strap pushups (feet on 24" box) x12, x8, x6, x5 (31 total in 4 sets)
TRX leg curls x22, x5 (hamstring cramped up)
Dead stop barbell rows build up 165x5, 175x5, 185x5
Facepull (elitefts mini band) x100 reps (5 breathes during pauses) x40, x30, x20, x10

Front squats felt pretty good on depth, kept pretty upright besides last rep kinda. Pushups give me a huge chest pump, going to go weighted next time. Leg curls are getting too easy, gonna look up another more difficult variation. Really liking the dead stop rows. Facepulls give me a huge pump. Not a bad session.


So i got my wisdom teeth out yeatersay, soo i was told i could not train until wednesday. So basically i get a forced week off. Prolly good for the body and joints and such. I would rather not but sometimes gotta do stuff you dont like.

Had three wisdom, and the whole left side of my face was numb until this morning. Pain isnt terrible, mostly a really annoying ache. Mostly likely juat gonna make some smoothies out of egg, fruit, and protein. Might eat something not liquid today if i feel fancy. Already lost over five pounds. So smoothies, some pain meds, and the internet is my life. Should prollly study at some point...


I would definitely take plenty of time off lol. I had mine removed about 2 years ago. Only took like 3-4 days off and my dumbass got dry socket because of it.


Planned on about five days of little to no activity. Then a few light sessions then hit it hard next week monday.


Class was cancelled today because Michigan weather is great. Like a -20 windchill with highways closed and such. Got really bored so I did like 20 minutes of MobilityWod stuff. Then felt like doing some relatively like squats.

135x5, 185x5, and 225 3x5 (sets then reps)

Felt good, depth felt better, and I should totally do more flexibility work. Its still getting better though.


Here is some squats at 225


Warmed up with some band stretches, jumping jacks, pushups, facepulls, and oh shrugs.

Press 105x5, 120x5, 135x6
Push Press 165 3x3
Chinups BW+25 x3, x3, x3, x1 (10 reps in 4 sets) BW x6, x4
Ring Pushups (24") x10, x10, x7, x6, x5, x2 (40 reps in 6 sets)
Chest Supported Rows 135 x12, x10, x9, x8, x8, x3 (50 reps in 6 sets)
Band Facepull (Elitefts red band) x60, x40

Been a solid week off due to wisdom teeth and was as weak as I expected. Press was worse than normal, and hopefully will be back to normal in a few weeks. Push press form felt off. Chinups felt about as expected, still needs work. Ring pushups gave me a nice pump, rows same deal. Good stuff, facepulls just for some external rotation and upperback stuff.


Warmed up with some random mobilitywod stuff and dynamic warmup stuffs.

Deadlift 245x5, 275x5, 305x8
Front Squat 165 10x5
Glute Bridge 225 (50 in 4 sets)
Blast Strap Fallouts (30 reps in 3 sets)

Deadlifts felt good, they will get back to normal in a few weeks im betting. Front squats were fucking brutal. 10 SETS of 5 is just brutal. Tried to get 50 reps, but I dont like high rep front squats, so many sets. Tries to get the front squats every 90s. So start at 90s, next set 3m, next 4.5m etc. 15m totally sucked. Glute bridge just for lockout and donks are good for back healthy etccc.... Some core work, and donneeee.


Deadlifts 305x8


Warmed up with like 5-10m on soft tissue work, then some band stretches, then dynamic movements.

Push Press (warmed up strict) 115x5, 135x5, 157.5x8 (video), backoff 135x9.
Inverted Row BWx5, +25x3, +45 3x5, backoff BWx10, x8.
Ring Pushups (feet 12") 5x8
Chinups 3x5, 3x4, 7x3, 1x2. 50 reps in way to many sets.
Fallouts 3x10.
Facepull 5x20.

Push press wasnt bad, strength still isnt where it was before the week off but gettin better. Inverted rows felt good, gonna add weight next time.
Ring pushups barely got all, gonna increase feet elevation maybe next time.
Chinups suffered waaaaay too much from the rows. These were way harder than normal. Fuck, ill get em back up yo.
Fallouts always feel like I got punched in the stomach, and facepulls pumpin it.


Warmed up with some soft tissue, band stretches, and then dynamic stuff.

Front squat 135x5, 165x5, 185x5, 205x7ish. Backoff 185x5, 165x5, 135x5.
Snatch grip RDL 185 4x8
Bulgarian split squat 45's each hand 4x8each.

Front squat felt really good until i decided to go for a 7th rep on the last set. Snatch rdl's reall hit the hams and donk, and they torch your erectors and upper back. B split squat hit the legs fuckin hard and stretch my hip flexors. Gonna have a sore ass and hams tomorrow (Haven't done RDL's or split squats in a while...)


Warmed up with soft tissue stuff and random bodyweight and band stuff.

Press 115x3, 125x3, 135x1, 142.5x5 x3 x2, Backoff 115x8
Chinups BW+25 x5 x4 x3, BW x6 x4
Ring pushups (feet 12") 5x8
Inverted rows 2x10 1x8 2x6 2x5 (50 reps)
Fallouts 3x10
Pullaparts x30 x20 x15

Press wasnt the best, shoulda had 6 and it bugged me so I made sure to get 10 total reps. Chinups got better. Ring pushups didnt get better, but rows got better as well. Not bad a session, press form still feels like its getting better. Always like how I look post workout because I am slightly larger. Still trying to get stronger though.


Just did a mobility circuit type thing.

Pushups x5
Inverted rows x5
Swings x5
Goblet squat x5
Suitcase carry x40yards each
Repeated 3x

Dislocates x15
External rotators stretch x1m each
Glute bridge x20


Warmed up with foam roller and some dynamic stuffs.

Deadlift (narrow sumo) 255x3, 295x3, 325x8 Rep PR
Front squat 185 10x3
Glute bridge 255 4x8
Suitcase carry 105 5x20 yards each

Really like a narrow sumo because I can keep my back straight a whole lot easier. It is a narrow stance, edges of feet inside the rings. Front squats felt good, form felt good on like all but three. Got a good quad thang going. Glute bridges gave me the elusive butt pump. Real good contraction/getting better. Suitcase carry gives a good oblique burn and good for stability and stuff. Good session and finally got another rep pr.


Good stuff goin on here, love your dungeon type set up lol definitely in


Yeah I like it. Its a storage room with just me, my wooden squat rack, and some weights. I made most of the stuff besides weights so I like using my handiwork too.