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Aspiring Men's Physique Champion Log

Age: 28 yrs As of yesterday.
Height: 6ft in the morning
Weight: 191.3lbs yesterday morning
Bench: 315lb
Squat: 405lb
Deadlift: 405lb
OHP: 205lb

Current Goals:
Add more mass on shoulders back and legs


M1. 10 egg whites 1 egg 1 cup spinach 1/2 cup oats
M2. 6 oz chicken breast 1/3 cup rice 1/2 cup broccoli
M3, 6 oz turkey meatball 1/3 cup rice 1/2 cup green beans
M4. 6 oz chicken breast 1/3 cup rice 1/2 cup broccoli
M5. 6 oz turkey meatball 1/3 cup rice 1/2 cup broccoli
M6. 6 oz of steak beef or fish with 1/2 cup rice and salad


I just count macros on the weekend and aim for 200protein/200-300 carbs/40-50grams fats.

Ok, well there is the boring part out of the way…lets get to training.

Happy birthday I guess? Have some positive energy.

Where’s the physique pics at mane? You’re doing physique not powerlifting.

Legs? lel

Id like to do classic physique eventually

Day 1 log

Wake up 4:45am take BCAA

Cardio 30-40mins

Immediately Meal 1 egg whites egg and oats

Chest/Tri workout later in the afternoon will update lift and check in to update post after the lift

Great physique physique lel. Tight waist + full chest are strengths. Agree that your shoulders and lats should be focused on. Maybe add arms to that list too.

OHP is a strong but could be (should be) still worked on given your weakness. What kind of focus do you put on other exercises for your delts? Used/using anabolics?

Back: Weighted Pull Ups or Lat Pull Downs don’t sound like a big 3 lift but for physique purposes imo should be treated as seriously

Ever compete before? How do your tats come out with a few layers on tan?

Just keep adding mass in proportion and you’ll do better and better in physique until you get too big at which point you up to classic. Unfortunately all the effort you put into legs won’t get shown off until then.

Far left

Lifetime natural

The picture posted is about 8 months old. My shoulder, Lats, arms have significantly grown.

So far the offseason has been great. About another 12 months of training and I step on stage.

Day 1 chest/tri

Started with
Incline bench
Pec dec
Incline Db press
Cable fly
Flat bench


Hanging leg raises

Day 2 woke up 5am … 30 min bike with BCAA

Immediately after cardio breakfast 10 egg whites 1 egg and oats