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Aspirin, Ephedrine, Caffeine Stack


Hi everyone, I am planning to do a fat-loss phase in approx. 1month and I wanted to know if there is good article on T-Nation about the aspirin-ephedrine+caffeine stack. I didn't know it existed till 4 days ago and I plan to remplace(how do I say that in english) HOT-ROX by it because it's cheaper. I am gonna do ''get ripped diet''which is low-carb by J.Berardi and I am gonna follow the plan in war-room strategy for fatloss by CT.

I dont know shit about the stack I wanted to get some information about it. So if you feel like doing charity please redirect me to a T-Nation article (I can't seem to find any) or lay your knowledge it would be great

sorry for my bad english It's not my first language
Thank you


T-Nation sells HOT-ROX

It is unlikely they will promote a fat burner other than the one they sell.

That being said, there are many articles online about E/C/A. Google it.