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Aspirin Before CBC Test to Affect Hematocrit?

Hey guys, would taking aspirin right before a blood test have any effect on hematocrit values? How about acute water ingestion? Or is the water ingestion something that has visible effects only when you drink enough daily? I drink at least 2 litres a day.

I drink 1 - 1 1/2 gallons of water a day. You’re not anywhere near acute on that.
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And any effect drinking a lot day of? 2 litres minimum a day. I go over a gallon a day often.

Aspirin effects platelets, not RBCs. Anti platelet drugs are used on those at risk for developing blood clots.

Just don’t go into it dehydrated. I’m not sure what being overly hydrated would do. Start hydrating the day prior to the test. Two liters is recommended.

When I had what I thought was poor blood circulation in the ER, they gave me an aspirin which took the edge off the symptoms.

If your HCT is high because of T, then water is not going to affect the numbers.

Support? I did an 8am CBC after a fast, and a 5pm CBC same day, same lab, same collection point, after being FULLY hydrated. There was no difference.

The aspirin is something I can’t answer.


Yes, drink more water daily.

But the fact is: high hemocrit values by themselves are not dangerous. The only concern is when platelets start rising.

There is a distinct and important difference between TRT-induced Erythrocytosis (what many TRT peeps develop) - and polycythemia vera, a completely different animal.