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Aspirin/Anti-Inflammatories and Hypertrophy?

I see they have reposted TC’s aspirin article again. Very interesting stuff. My only concern has to do with the anti-inflammatory effect. Since most of hypertrophy-type lifting involves some type of muscle damage that the body then repairs with an inflammatory response, could taking aspirin hinder the building of muscle? Or maybe the recommended dosage (81 mg) wouldn’t have a great effect? What do you think?

I have nothing to back this up but if I were to take aspirin daily I’d apply the same rules that goes for all other anti-inflammatories (omega-3, curcumin,…) which is this:

don’t eat during the post-workout period (4-8 hours, and then eat as far ahead of your workout as possible (without having to wake up in the middle of the night)

In practice, if you train immediately after working an 8-5, take it in the morning, if you train really late take it midday and if you train early in the AM take it with dinner

I’m not 100% percent sold on the ibuprofen thing. I took 800mg 2-3 times a day from age 21 to 46 for a pinched nerve. I think I did just fine as far as strength and size for a natural.

I wouldn’t take NSAIDs daily, regardless of dosage, unless I absolutely had to. Lots of side effects

I take 81mg. aspirin daily as prescribed by a doctor for chd.

I haven’t been lifting the same as I used to when I was really going for the gains though, so there will be no discernable difference to me.