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Hey, I had a couple questions about aspirating.

First, is it completely necessary? I believe it is, bust just wanted to make sure.

Second, I wanted to ask what happens if you actually DO hit a vein. If you aspirate and see blood in your syringe, what next? Do you try to shoot it out, and then inject, or can you just poke yourself again and repeat?

Yep, has to be done. It only takes a second though. If you do hit a vein, which is actually quite rare, just take it out and try another spot. I have never bothered to switch tips or shoot the little bit of blood out.

If your not aspirating then I have a serious doubt you should be using AAs to begin with.

But if your going to carry on; just make sure you are aspirating regardless.

If you hit a vein you will know about it! Oil in the blood is not a good idea to say the least.

Hope that is of some help.

yeah, i had a friend put himself in the hospital from not aspirating (tren ace shot right in the viens). He got his gear from a friend that didn’t explain that part. Scared the fuck out of him.

I hear many arguments from many AAS users that you need to aspirate, then I hear arguments from health care professionals that you do not need to aspirate.

My personal opinion; it only takes a moment, doesn’t hurt, so why risk injecting into a vein? While hitting a vein will not kill you, it will certainly make you feel like you are about to die and is a waste of gear.

Here is a nursing guide to IM injections for your review:


Aspirating is like bulking your seat belt. Takes and second and can save you from a lot of pain and anguish