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Aspiration Question

I have a question. When I aspirate I get what looks like air bubbles into the syringe. Is this normal? it is also hard to pull back on the plunger. I have assumed it’s a result of being into the muscle and having a vacuum affect. I inject with a 27G 1/2" needle into my quad.

You are looking for air bubbles. What else would you expect to come into the barrel when you create a vaccuum?

I know you should not see blood so I figured it was fine, but someone said the reason I saw air bubbles is because I was using to short a needle. I didn’t make sense to me but I figured I should ask.

That person is not good to listen to.

Most hospitals have quit aspirating (at least the ones my wife works at) because of the research that shows there is no need and the longer the needle is in the muscle, the more damage it causes.


[quote]doogie wrote:
Most hospitals have quit aspirating (at least the ones my wife works at) because of the research that shows there is no need and the longer the needle is in the muscle, the more damage it causes.


I don’t think its because of “research that shows there is no need”, at least according to the link you provided. It looks like the opposite “there is no research that shows there IS a need”.

No idea which is rght, but I would also suspect some things are ok to get into your blood directly while some might not be. Im not a medical doctor though, so dont quote me on that.

Personally I can say that I no longer aspirate. I did it for about a year, with multiple injections per week, and never once had any blood. I know my pin locations by heart now and I just think it is superfluous at this point.

Have injections ever not gone smoothly for you? Any vein nicks, coughing, “feel like you are dying”, or even bruising or serious bleeding afterward?

Do you inject IM or SQ? (Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe SQ is more likely to hit a vein?)

Another thing I am wondering is if you are aspirating and hit a vein, will it be very obvious? I have read many anecdotes about the barrel suddenly filling completely with blood, but it is not clear if this is always the result, or just what happens when you are in a major vein? (Maybe small veins just show a wisp of blood?)

I bleed out sometimes but its never that bad. Put a piece of toilet paper over it for a couple minutes. That’s about the worst that ever happens. This is from IM injections into delts and teardrops. I do my test IM.

Get bruising occasionally from SC injections of HCG–but no bleeding. NOthing that I really care about.

I don’t generally aspirate either. I’ve done what I would call a “spot check”, where I check sometimes, but it isn’t part of my normal procedure. I’ve never seen blood in the syringe. I’ll bleed a bit sometimes, but I just press the alcohol pad over it and it stops. I go IM for my test - glutes and outside quads, SQ with hcg.

I’m no great expert on injecting, but I’ve noticed that pulling cyp oil (esp. into finer gauges) sometimes creates very tiny foam bubbles that don’t coalesce easily and are tough to get rid of, even if you expel most of the visible air. If you then pull a strong vacuum while aspirating, those tiny bubbles will become much bigger and hence more visible.

Watch to see if the bubbles shrink again when you begin to inject. If they do, you have your explanation; if not, you’re pulling in air somewhere.

I am fairly new to this self injection deal, but I sometimes seem to get the most interesting events occuring during or after an injection…I rotate between my quads. I use a 23g 1" pin. I stuck that pin in one day and it felt like lighting went through my brain…it was super bizarre, no pain or anything, just a crazy jolt throughout my body. That syringe went flying across the room…I had to have hit a nerve. Yesterday, I took the pin out and blood just started pouring out of the hole… it took a good minute for it to quit, never had that, either.

Lastly, even though I do aspirate, I have pulled the pin out and I have had a drop or two of blood in the barrel. This has happened a few times now, but the first time it happened, all I could think was, “uh-oh…this is the end!” HAHA!!! I never read up on the effects of injecting Cypionate directly into a vein, and so my heart started pounding, I was sweating profusely, and I just sat in my office chair and wondered if I should call my wife…luckily, my TRT is the coolest dude on the planet and gives us patients his cell no. Lucky for me, he was in between patients. He said it was not a big deal if I injected IV. He said that many times, you’ll knick a blood vessel or vein on the way in and when you’re done pushing the plunger down, it creates a vacuum that sucks up some of that surrounding blood.

Never a dull moment…even with all of these funky issues, I would never go back to Androgel.