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Aspirated but Some Blood Came Out

So I just did my 4 injection of 250mg test e. I aspirated and some blood came out. I took the needle out and moved the injection point about 2 inches away from the first one (in the glute). So I still injected in the glute but not in the same spot. Will I be ok?

Nope. You arent going to make it. JK

You can stop aspirating. Totally not necessary as you are doing IM injections. Don’t believe me, Google “Is aspirating necessary for Test shots”


I thought aspirating was only in the movies

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I’m a Nurse.we still aspirate. As a hospital nurse I don’t do many I’m injections. Only a aspirated blood once in 15 years. And couldn’t even find some one who that even happened to before. I doubt you hit any major. Blood vessles. You’ll live.