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Aspirated, But Possibly Hit Vein?

I was doing a routine right glute shot today in the correct area that i have always used (upper right quadrant of buttock). I injected 1.3 cc of test prop w/ a 1.5 inch 25 g needle. I aspirated and only saw a clear air bubble so i proceeded to inject. no pain during injection, but the needle was moving around a bit b/c i was straining (i hate glute shots). i removed the needle and the site bled a long thick streak of dark red blood down my ass before i could get a wipe on it.

shortly after i started coughing brutally hard. and i mean brutally hard. im pretty calm and dont panic easily, but i seriously thought i was going to die. i kept looking in the mirror like “holy shit, im actually watching myself die from an oil embolism, fuck…”
anyway, the coughing lasted maybe 3 minutes and then ended. i feel fine now and had no problems at the gym shortly after.

i am wondering if I actually hit a vein, given the fact that i aspirated and saw no blood? (maybe i didnt look hard or long enough, but from what i have read just a slight pull on the plunger and the blood will seep in. its unmistakable.) has this ever happened to anyone? most imporantly, what are the long term consquences of this and did i lose an entire injection? in the future should i aspirate 2 times during injection??

It is entirely possible that you were not in a vein when you aspirated but during the injection the needle moved and a small amount of oil got into a vein. Try to be more still during future injections.

Reach around with your free arm to steady the syringe for future shots.

thanks for the replies.

from what ive read, other than a short term coughing fit and possible lightheadedness/nausea, are there any long term consequences to shooting oil into a vein? also, some people say that the body will still utilize the test, and people on here have said that it gets processed by the liver and is pissed out, being totally useless to you. curious if anyone has any solid info one way or the other about this, b/c more than anything i dont want to lose a whole shot.


In the big scheme of things one shot is no biggie. Especially in comparison with your health and well being.

Try a quad injection. Easier to aim and hold steady.

Dont ditch the glute injects just yet (of course use quads too).

Do as dynamo suggested, also when you aspirate, it is entirely possible to aspirate again halfway through the injectto double check. I do this when injecting a couple mls and am not sure 100% if i am not in a vein (after years of IM injects i finally hit a blood vessel - 3 times in two weeks!) still or not.

It does sound as though yopu had a volume of opil direct into the vein, but be glad it was a vein and going to the lungs eventually.

Try to relax, and take your time, it isnt bad to take a while getting it perfect.


[quote]DixiesFinest wrote:
Try a quad injection. Easier to aim and hold steady.[/quote]

pec shots are even better for that!

[quote]DixiesFinest wrote:
Try a quad injection. Easier to aim and hold steady.[/quote]

last cycle i switched from side quad to front. is very easy spot! Dont forget the Ventro Glute. I love that shot as it is easier then the glute. Rotate 8 spots. side delt, Glute, Ventro Glute (Hip), and front quad, all x 2 of course = 8 wonderful spots :slight_smile:

you prolly passed through a vein, and when u pullet out, a little bit of oil dribbled in it