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Aspirated Blood and Puss


I’m on the VERY end of my cycle. On the 23rd of may, I shot 1.6cc’s of a mix of tren/test into my ventroglute. No immediate pain, but the day after, I had a pain of about 4 out of 10. However, there was no redness, swelling, or heat from the injection site. I was walking with a very slight limp for about 2-3 days, after that, no pain at all.

I’ve never shot any more than 1.2cc’s, so I figured it was just some normal injection pain, or from shooting too close to the nerve that I always seem so close to hitting when I shoot VG.

Anyway… I had been on 1500mg penicillin/day for strep and the flu that started 3 days before the injection, and ended 7 days after the injection. 10 days total.

Today was the first time I went to shoot that same VG site… and upon aspiration, saw a little bit of blood, so I pulled the needle out… it was a mix of blood and a yellowish puss. (I just re-read prisoners injection pain sticky, and if I’m understanding correctly, that basically means it’s infected…?)

ANYWAY, I’m not looking for an e-diagnosis, and I’ll go see a doctor later today or tomorrow morning… but, thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Are you sure its puss, and not undispersed oil mixed with blood?

Even if it is puss, as long as you have no systemic symptoms, it’s no big deal. I’ve had this in my delt before, and simply drained it myself everyday for about 4-5 days (21 gauge), whilst taking co-amoxyclav. Resolved completely. Even without the antibiotics I’m almost certain it would have been fine, I just took them because at the time self-prescribing was a very un-traceable endeavour :wink:

Thanks, Dave. I’m not completely sure of what it was, but it was an opaque slightly yellow milky looking stuff.

Do you think it’s a necessity to drain it, or just stop using that site to shoot for this cycle? I only ask because I spoke to someone I know about it this afternoon and he said as long as there’s no heat/redness/swelling and he said he would just leave it alone and let it take care of itself on it’s own.

No problem. Yellow milky looking sounds like puss to me.

I would drain it anyway, even if it doesn’t hurt. It’s no big deal. It’s certainly better than leaving it and needed a full debridement :smiley:

Thanks Dave