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Askold Surovetsky Program


Anyone used askold surovetsky's programs before?

If so would be great to hear some feedback on the program, which days you added the bench on and how you incorporated accessory work.


Am currently running the deadlift program, all good so far in week 6. I am peaking my semi-sumo for my first competition, and so day one is conventional touch-and-go, and day two is paused semi-sumo. I am using my own three/four-day-a-week squat cycle and a separate bench program along with it, but with enough food for recovery I am progressing well.

From looking at some of his other programs, he seems to plan his progressions nicely, so I would definitely consider utilising one in the future if I didn’t want to plan my own. Overall a thumbs up, but not sure which program you’re looking at.



I’m going to be running this squat/deadlift 8 week cycle and the bench press system 1 and 2.

Thanks for the reply and good to know there some others out there that have used the system. I’ll be running mine in full single ply gear coming off running Sheiko for the past 3 months. I’ll update this thread to report back on how it went!


what results did you end up getting? in regards to strength and muscle