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askingfor opinions about my routine

hi all…

here?s my new routine…thanks for your replies on my 5x5 question…i?m trying to gain mass and stength from it…please let me know your opinions about it and if you think i should change something.


bench press 5x5
weighted dips 5x5
standing military press 5x5
grip work

powerlifting squats 5x5
front squats 5x5
calf press in a leg press machine 3x30
ab work

bentover rows 5x5
chinups (supinated grip) 4 sets to failure
dumbbell curl 4x12
grip work

sumo deadlift 5x5 (i can?t do conventional deads…my form is awful)
stiff legged deadlift 4x10
seated calf raise 3x30
ab work

Use assistance/weights to keep the chins in the right rep range.
Learn to deadlift properly, drive your hips forward and lean back into it, the bar should be very close if not touch your shins on a conventional deadlift. Dont try to lift the weight with your back like i see most try to do.
Program looks fine, maybe some rotator cuff work could be added.

looks pretty good, except i am an advocate of working opposing muscle groups i.e. chest/back on the same day.

read some of poliquins material he is also a proponent of opposing muscle groups. once i started training that way i will probabaly never go back to working all pushing or all pulling body parts in the same workout.

its all about experimentation. try both see what works best for you.