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Asking on My Dad's Behalf - Stopping Supps?


I'm going to basic training in May and my dad wants to know...

If there will be any adverse effects of me stopping my supplement intake?

I told him I didn't think so, but he wanted me to ask. I'm currently taking whey protein, l-luecine, Superfood, and a preworkout energy drink.

I know I'll more than likely lose size but other than that, I don't think there will be any adverse effects...


No, there will be no adverse affects.

Depending on which branch you're going into, training will be pretty damn hard, but that's just because it's boot camp. It will just be a matter of adjusting to the new surroundings and diet. If you're going for Navy or Air Force, it will be a decent challenge. The Army's boot camp is harder, and Marine Corps. boot camp is hell.

Best of luck. You're doing something huge by serving your country. I wish you the best.


Why would there be? You're going to miss all that stuff, I'm sure. Yet as far as your body some how malfunctioning after not using all them supplements...ummmm no. Just make sure you some how, start replacing all the easy cals/protein you got with the whey protein with more whole foods. Hell, my buddy in the Marines. Downs dozens of raw eggs like it's his job.


Thanks for the information guys. Excited to get it all started.


Yeah, with the amount your taking I doubt there would be any problems. If you had a stack a mile high that you were taking daily you might have some drop off in energy levels or something, but you should be ok. Good luck with basic training!


I hated explaining supplements to my parents!

"Sean, will you get angry if you take that?" (looking at my shitty early 90s Canadian protein powder)
"No mom, it's just sort of like condensed milk y'know, just the protein. Like having a couple of eggs or something."
"Will it give you bigger muscles?"
"Well, I hope so, but it's not like that. It's just protein. There's nothing extra in it."
"Maybe we should ask the doctor next time we see him. I don't think you should take this."
"See! it DOES make you angry!"

Don't even try and explain creatine!


That's funny lol. Usually it goes like this for me:

"Nate, how do you know that stuff actually works?"

"Well dad, after doing some research you understand what certain supplements are for and how they work, especially after them being around for so long and being tried and proven my many"

"I think it's just a scam."

"So you are telling me, that me taking protein is doing absolutely nothing for me?"

"No, I'm saying back in the day, all you needed was a physical job like me, moving furniture everyday. That'll get you big."


You're going to get skinnier and transport to a 2-dimensional world.


Oh yeah, that's my dad too. The first post by me was my mom talking.Here's me and my dad on a Saturday when I was in high school.

Dad: Where you going?
Me: I'm going to ride my bike to the gym.
Dad: Mow the lawn...that's exercise.
Me: OK, but I'm still going to the gym after.
Dad: Then we need to move those extra concrete paving stones over to some other damned place.
Me: OK...then after that I'll go to the gym.
Dad: We didn't have gyms in my day!
Me: Yes you did. You just didn't use it.


Best Post.

The op should try eating something because if he loses anymore weight his rifle will have to carry him.