asking for opinions

hi all…
based on your replies about my 5x5 question here?s my routine…
let me know your opinions please…what would you change?..i?m training for strength and mass

bench press 5x5
weighted dips 5x5
push press 5x5
grip work 4 sets

squat 5x5
front squat 5x5
calf press 3x30
ab work

bentover rows 5x5
chinups supinated grip 4 sets to failure
dumbbell curl 4x12
grip work 4 sets

sumo deadlift 5x5
stiff legged deadlift 4x10
seated calf raise 3x30
ab work

what do you think guys?..

Need more info such as how old are you, is this the first time your working-out ect. weight, hieght, bf% if you know it ect…

It actually looks like a real good set up. I’d follow it for at least 4-6 weeks to gauge it’s effectiveness. If going for strength and size, this should work if you eat well. You seem to be hitting all the major muscle groups.

It looks like a pretty good plan to me. The only thing I would change would be the seated calf raises. Instead of sets of 30, I would probably do low reps in the range of 3-6 and maybe 5 sets instead of 3.