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Asking for Input on Possible Hematoma Before ER Visit

Just started my first cycle last Monday and everything has been going good until my pin yesterday morning. Injected 1ml at 250 mg of test e as normal but today I have bruising, swelling like a lump, and mild pain at the injection site. You can visibly see a lump on my butt cheek.

After reading some I’m either leaning toward I’ve knicked a vein or the test went subq post injection. I read a lot before I started but admittedly not enough about proper procedure apparently. I now know I should have left the needle in for a minute before removing and injected a lot slower than I was. I think I may have not gone deep enough into the glute because I tried a different angle due to it being easier to reach. Either that, or this happened because I have an office job and sat on my ass the rest of the day after pinning before going to the gym that night. I didn’t rub the area really either after (stupid).

So my question is should I wait this out and see if it resides in a day or two since this just happened yesterday, or head to the ER now to get it drained or whatever. If at all possible I’d like to avoid that due to a high deductible health plan but I’m also not going to fuck with my health either.

Anyone else had anything similar before or am I the lucky one?

When in the hell did sub Q become a PIP issue when cycling?
I’m on week 11 of 400/wk and only inject subQ into my love handles.
.70ml x3/wk using T 200mg/ml T cyp.
This is my 3rd full 12 week cycle doing only subQ over the last two years. I’ll never stick a muscle again. That whole PIP thing you just have to live with is total old school bullshit.

If I run another cycle down the road I’ll look into subq but for this first one there was just more info out there on IM and I had the supplies for that. I’m just repeating what I’ve read that it’s possible I didn’t go deep enough or the angle was too shallow

Your fine dont embarrass yourself at the ER or get a permanent drug user label in your medical file

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Okay, this is ridiculous. If you accidentally did sub-Q instead of IM, you wouldn’t know. So just put that nonsense out of your head. You hit a vein, but you didn’t inject into the vein.Now, more importantly, why are you injecting into your glute? What exactly did you research? No one in their right mind has done that since about 1983. Come on. Exactly what do you think there is to research about sub-Q? It’s pretty straight forward, unlike a glute injection. Don’t do that anymore. If you are insistent on IM, you’ve got thighs right in front of you that are easier and provide less problems.

IMO sub q is fine for small doses but I can’t inject 1ml of tren 1ml of mast and test p sub q that would be a disaster. For trt purposes its fine but for people who run heavy cycles that involve numerous MLs of gear a day/week it’s not realistic.

As far as glutes go that’s my go to spot for IM I use delts and some other spot with a slin somdtimes but for heavy volume my glute is what works best. When I try heavy volume in my thigh it cripples me compared to glute. You just need to know what your doing.


I didn’t know. The pin went the same it had the first two times. It was only this morning I noticed the lump and bruising.

And your comment is the first I have ever read with that opinion. Every thread or site regarding beginning cycles recommends glute injections. Quads, from what others have reported, cause pip pretty commonly it seems. A lot talk about not being able to walk days later in virgin muscle. I was trying to avoid that so glute it was.

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@seant24 the only time I ever stabbed my ass it was here at the red X.

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I was thought to use my glute. Outer right quadrant 1 inch needle or 1.5 striaght in KEEP A STEADY HAND and inject slowly. Iv never had an issue. Iv had some occasional pip at the beginning when I was trying to get my injection technique down and I would shake. But now I can pump 3ml or more with no issue. If I go above a ML with sub q I get welts and other issues especially when using other compounds besides testosterone. Usually now if I’m injecting a small amount (1ML)I back fill a insulin needle and pin my delts super quick and easy.

Thats ventral glute. A lot of people have good success with this i tend to get slight pip when I use this spot as compared to my actual glute. It’s not bad pip like my thigh but just a slight dull pain for a bit after. Again tho this is when pinning heavy volume.

2 ml directly into quad, first ever injection (TRT but I used the whole 250 mg amp based on something stupid). No issues. With a cannon of needle. 1 mL sub-Q is easy-peasy with smaller gauge. He shot 1 mL, the glute is just unnecessary for that shot, or any other aas far as I’m concerned. The guys I lifted with when I was competing (I was natty) used multiple grams a week of stuff, and shot in the quads. No issues. Less stuff to hit, and you know immediately if you are in a bad spot and just move the needle over a little. I’d have to be a contortionist to do glute shots.