Asking for Help/My First Show

Ok, I have decided to my first body building show. I have got a posing coach and a diet coach. I would love to get your guys input. I have my first meeting with my coaches tomorrow. I am actually really excited and looking forward to giving this a shot. I have been cutting for three months. I am currently 255lbs down from 297. The show is on 7/14 in Houston, it’s the branch Warren classic. Will be competing in novice and the open. I don’t care what weight class I am in as long as I look good on stage. I was hoping to start this thread so I could log my progress, answer and ask a few questions here and there. Will up date the thread more in the next few days when my diet,routine,an supplements get all set up.

Awesome. Good luck dude.

I got nothing for you except encouragement. You have a ton of mass to spare, dude— kick ass!

Thanks for the kind words. I am just worried about posing, leaning out,and holding water. Hopefully between everyone here and my coaches I can figure this thing out.

This will be great as you got some serious mass. Any pics from where you started and where you at now? Whats your training look like?

Will be following this.

Yes I have the ones where I started, I am pretty ashamed of the pics because I dirty bulked to get up to 297lb. I am only 5’10 so I got pretty damn fat. I will shoot some update pics soon. I will post all of the pics within the week. I am at work right now on my iPhone. I have a picture of me 8-10 years ago when I started. A skinny fat 180 lb weakling. If I can find it, I will post it.

I did legs yesterday

Glute ham raises 10x10
Single leg hammy curls 5x12
Double leg laying hammy curls 5x8-12
Back squats 1x30,1x20,1x10,3x5-6 increasing weight every set.
Leg press with bands 5x12
Hack squat with bands 5x6-10
Sissy squats 10x10 with dumbbells in hand
Donkey calf raises 5x12 dc style
Standing calf raises 10x10
Sled pulls an pushes 6x50 yards

Good stuff man, I think you have the potential to win the overall if you can come in good condition. I’m excited to see how this goes.

Here’s a really good video going through, in detail, all the poses. It’s long, but I definitely recommend it.

[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
Good stuff man, I think you have the potential to win the overall if you can come in good condition. I’m excited to see how this goes.

Here’s a really good video going through, in detail, all the poses. It’s long, but I definitely recommend it.

This is definitely a great video for posing tips. I watched this last year before my first show and it definitely gave me a great base for all my poses.

Based on your avatar, you’ll look beastly on stage.

Great! I’ve always said to myself “This guy’s a beast!” whenever I’d see your avatar -lol. Prep intelligently, keep as much muscle as you can, and you’re gonna have a hell of a good time!


Thanks for the video, it will help alot. Thanks for all the encouragement. I can’t wait to get this bad boy going. Will post alot more on all my diet and such after the weekend.

Pics should be good. Also really like the volume on that workout. Are most of your workouts like that? Whats your split that you have set up?

yup yup i am usally a high volume guy. the only times i change is when i am running a few rounds of 5/3/1,bbb, or dc style stuff. here lately have kind of merged all the programs together with a few others that i have had results with to have a hybrid that works for me. .

my training split…

H.I.I.T day…

days off when i need them, sometimes none sometimes four a week. i just try and listen to my body…

hoped that helped

oh yeah and for now while i am cutting 40 min of stairmill first thing in the morning keeping my heart rate between 105 and 130

Good luck man. I’d love to see how you do.

Ok, time to write a little about this weekend and my first taste of bodybuilding. I will say my first experience was horrible. I had my first posing practice over the weekend and was super excited to get this thing started. I called and texted two days ahead to make sure we were still good because my coach had two people in a show over the weekend. I show up 30 minutes early and right away felt like I was nothing but a pain in the ass for this coach.

They showed up 20 minutes late and the whole time we are going over nutrition and posing the coach keeps talking about how they really don’t have time to be doing this and how hard their job is. After about 20 min of this coach dodging every question I asked and their amazing level of negativity, I stood up and told them that their services were no longer need.Which kind of sucked because this coach was in a location that was very convenient .

So after being totally frustrated I called one of my good buddies, who competes on a pretty high level in bodybuilding. He gave me the name of another coach and stated that she was absoulty amazing at getting people on stage. So I called the new coach who actually picked up the phone and stated that she Would need to see photos and meet me in person before she would consider training me. So reluctantly I sent pictures of my self to some lady I did not even know. Went to the gym and lifted.

Next day
I get a call from the new coach, she stated that she would like to take over my training. I ended up meeting with her that night and was absoulty blown away with her knowledge,attitude,and list of clients she had put on stage. Worked on posing for a while and will be getting my diet on wednesday. I can’t wait.

The pictures I sent her

Bad posing, but this is what I sent her

Note to self bulking to 295 and cutting to 255 will make me look as wide as I am tall. Seriously thick, you will kick ass. You got coaches, and training covered, cutting with success. Everything looks to be in place for you to do really well.

Sure posing could be better, but it could also be worse. The real positive is that you’ve got a lot of ‘clay’ to shape there. I’d feel good if a ‘newb’ competitor came to me with that much solid mass.

A few bodyparts may look slightly out of proportion, but I’m figuring everything will come into better balance as you tighten up.


your thread should be an inspiration to all noobs worrying about abs on 170 lbs frame. this is the kind of mass you can put on your frame when training like crazy and eating shit load of food.

Lots of mass there. WOW. Well done sir

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere…but what has your training journey and what not looked like? What did you start out at for size and training and what kinda path did you take to getting to 290? How long you been at this?

Jesus Christ. Those last two especially are insane.

Good luck to you.