Asking for advice on starting my fitness journey

Hi, I’m kian and it’s my first time posting here. I’m 20M, 6’1.6, 6.3 inch wrists, 31 inch waist, and currently 153 pounds. I used to go to the gym with long periods of stopping and then starting again and my diet has never been good; struggled a lot to gain muscle and I believe I’ve lost the little muscle DID have. I’m insecure about my extremely small bone structure and narrow shoulders (42 inches around INCLUDING delts and pushing my shoulders as far out as I can in the picture above) and know that there’s no way to widen my clavicles or make the hips any smaller. I want to start lifting and eating seriously for 2 or 3 years to see how far I can go but given my genetics it’s very discouraging. I’m asking from the more experienced people here, did any of you struggle with this or know anyone or any picture of someone with similarly narrow shoulders with a decent physique. I also wish to ask for your advice on programs/tips/diet etc.

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I’ve got great news man.

You’re wrist are like 20% less than average for a man. And your shoulders are like 15% wider than an average man.

You have the genetic superfreak combination of wide shoulders and small joints. With a little training you’ll look like Vince Gironda.

And mostly untrained you look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

So you’re starting out way ahead of the game and the sky is the limit for you.


Hi Kian! Hope you don’t mind a female chiming in here. My first impression was, “hey that guy is fit!” Not, “hey that guy has small wrists!”

For someone who hasn’t been lifting much, you have fantastic muscle definition. And do you know how many men would kill to be over 6 feet tall? You’ve got a lot going for you!

So do what you can to stop focusing on the things you don’t like about yourself since they’re only distracting you from getting consistent and making long term progress.

Maybe this is a good reason to aim for a few performance goals, and just allow the results you get with your physique to be a cool byproduct. Once you hit those goals, find new ones. Get hooked on resistance training (any type) and it’ll maximize your genetics making you look awesome.

You know who has similar genetics? Al Kavadlo, a world renown bodyweight training coach who’s shredded AF and isn’t trying to get huge or change his body type.

If I had your genetics, I would take advantage of them because that kind of training is awesome. No, Kavadlo doesn’t look like a strongman competitor or a pro bodybuilder, but he made the most of his genetics and moves/looks like a superhero.

Here’s a great article from him: The Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises

And here’s his YouTube channel

If you’re determined to get huge, however, then you’ll need to get consistent with consuming a lot more calories than (I’m guessing) you normally do.

Coach Eric Bach has written this caloric approach for gaining muscle mass:

• Multiply your bodyweight x 16. This gives you your daily calorie target. Eat that many calories every day for two weeks.
• You want to see an increase in bodyweight of about 0.5 to 1% every week. If you’re not seeing that, increase your intake by 200 calories per day and repeat the process.
• Stay consistent. The muscle building process takes time. Give yourself six months to make appreciable gains in size.

Here’s another one of his articles about gaining muscle: The 7 Simple Muscle-Building Habits

But again, the most important training plan for you to do is the one you’ll be able to stick with.


Talk about a perfect post, wow! I was going to say something but how do I follow this up? It covers it all haha.

P.S. To OP, I’m narrow shouldered and have small wrists/ankles like you and I think I’ve done alright for myself. :slight_smile:

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