Asking a Girl Out?

So the scenario is that theres this girl who works at the front desk of my chiropractic where ive been getting graston done on a weekly basis. Anyway, we have had some good conversations in the past couple weeks and i clearly find her attractive… And would like to think she is somewhat attracted to me as well haha. But the thing is i am having trouble asking her out… What do i say? Do i ask for her number, on a date?

Im really kind of lost when it comes to this, im 22 and havent had a girlfriend since i was 18 which was one of those HS relationships. Basically ive put all my time into school/athletics that ive never really chased after girls if you know what i mean. So i freeze up when its time to ask a girl out like today where I didnt know what to say to her to ask her out.

So basically im looking for any help, tips. Laugh all you want, trust me ive laughed at myself haha but forum members need to help a brother out! Haha

There are no tips. Nut up and just ask her - if you are confident about it, that’s your best chance. Sometimes you fail, it’s possible she doesn’t like you in that way and that’s okay, accept it and move on. You don’t like every girl who is keen on you either.

Okay, I do have one tip. Showing her your penis helps. Trust me.

Also, keep us updated. Failure or success, either will keep me amused.

Shit ask her if you can ask her a personal question, and then ask if she’d like to get some coffee sometime. Or something.

If she wants to go out with ya it honestly won’t matter much what you say.

If you’ve already had a few interactions with her she’s already decided whether she is interested or not. How you phrase the question will likely have little bearing on the outcome.

If you’re looking for specif words, try something like “I really enjoy talking to you but I’d like to get to know you better. Would you like to join me for coffee/beer/back realignment/a hike?”

And if you’re not the type for words, yeah whipping it out works just fine too.

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This is easy. I’ll give you a step by step fool proof way to get her on a date.

  1. Buy a gun
  2. Point gun at her
  3. Ask her out


[quote]pushharder wrote:
If she chooses A then you got it out of your system and you can move on to the other does in the forest, young buck.


Yeah…just always remember what this great man has said.

And hum this when in doubt Ooh La La - The Faces (Without A Paddle Soundtrack) - YouTube

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I miss the old “My Jeans Don’t Fit” threads.

Am I right that in the last couple of months the GAL section has become a Miss Lonelyhearts column?

PS: I do not really miss the threads about jeans not fitting.

The longer you wait, the less the scenario exists. Really think about who you want to be as a person. When you do it (not if), don’t expect perfection. Just expect a result. You’ll feel good about yourself no matter what she says. Then you keep at it (that’s the catch).

[quote]Nards wrote:
I miss the old “My Jeans Don’t Fit” threads.

I know people like to complicate the shit out of everything but how many permutations of “buy jeans that fit” can there be?

Am I right that in the last couple of months the GAL section has become a Miss Lonelyhearts column?[/quote]


As a dude who has been pretty damn shy his whole life, I’ve discovered pretty recently it’s as easy as just asking. Pick something you enjoy, that you hope she enjoys and just go for it. If she says yes, then there you go! If she says no, who cares? At least you know and you won’t sit there wondering, “well what if?”