Asked to leave my gym...

I thought some might enjoy this. I was asked to leave my gym today ( a World at which you Work Out in) because there was a man standing at the squat rack ( not doing squats but rather curls) talking on his cell phone, and wearing his J-Lo type sunglasses and male capre’ pants. I gave him the respect that maybe it was an important call and went to do another part of my legs… when I came back HE WAS STILL THERE… so… i began to take off the weights he had on the bar… and he bitched at me saying he was not done… so I told him outright " you look done to me"… anyway… he ended up having two of the little 17 year old workers fresh out of there RBC school uniforms come over and ask me to leave for the day or they would call the police…

my question is… what happend to working out at a gym???

sorry for this post…

Don’t freakin apologize!!!

Good Lord, I commend you for not picking up a barbell and using it as a bow and making their shit all KINDS of ruined!!

Man, I tell ya, that is one of the worst ones yet…

Did you tell them what he was doing? and that you needed to work out? I’m interrested in hearing more details!


you should have kicked ALL of their ases and then finished your workout!

Sounds like crap to me but not surprising given the majority of gym patrons.

well, i did tell them exactly what the pretty boy was up to… but they said I have to respect the way other people work out… I just wanted to take a big nasty protein poop on them at that point… but as for a violent action… i am a pretty loving guy… except for oil! GIVE ME OIL… but anyway i guess

That is down right pathetic and they have no right to ask yout to leave. You are a paying customer! That is just fucking ridiculous. I would be pretty pissed off and go right to the management about that. I would expect an apology and one month of free gym use just for that infraction on their part. What a joke!

Mike mahler

Just another example of how our society is favoring pussies. Some dickhead on a cell phone is treated like a victim for not working out and a serious trainee is penalized. It is really a sad state of affairs.

Mike Mahler

I’m with the metro on this one.
I’ve said it before: Squat racks are for making people FEEL big -that’s all.

I can’t get past the fact that the “guy” was wearing capris! Hell, is ANYTHING illegal in this country?! :slight_smile:

For real, I’d go to management too, but be ready for a battle.

That is the most absurd thing i have ever heard!!! I definitely would follow a complaint to management! Technically, you are NOT allowed to use a cellphone in the gym area! If you need to make a call, you should take it outside or to the lockerroom…

Thats sad.Unfortunatley as many of us know it seems that most people who head to the gym these days are there not really there because they are serious about training(atleast not the way we view it) but because its the “cool” thing to do.Its almost a social thing.BTW dude,ya should have beaten him down for doing curls in the squat racks.

With some of the info you mentioned sounds like you work out in Red Bank. Ditch that dump, cross the bridge, come down 35 and join Gold’s Gym. I’ve been there around my school schedule and have no complaints–24/7 even. It’s a much better atmosphere for people who actually go to lift.

There is nothing sacred! People will bring cell phones and multi-task their lives into everything!

I think this is the first time I’ve seen Mike Mahler so pissed off! Way to go Mike!

Courtesy and common sense have left the building in our society. Personally, I would not take a cell phone to a gym, but I can understand how someone would want to get a workout in while waiting for an important call. Fine, but if you get the call, get your ass away from the equipment so other paying customers can use it.

The best part of it was the comment that you should respect the way others work out. The point was that the guy wasn’t working out! I agree that you should definitely contact management and ask for an apology and one free month.

I think I know the “type” of gym you work out in, I used to be employed by that type of world. The problem is those types of gyms want to make it “safe” for the people who do bi’s tri’s and socialize, it’s not a real gym it’s a hangout. When I worked for that gym I was constantly being made fun of by the owners and employees of the gym because I was what they called a “muscle head”. I don’t consider myself that at all I like to work out, I enjoy putting on muscle, but I can have an intelligent conversation with anyone. The problem is not with you, it’s them they don’t want your money and they’ve proven that, my advice is to find a real gym, one where you can work out and see people doing deadlifts, squats, and heavy shoulder shrugs, a place where you can be given respect by employees, owners, and members of the gym

I understand where you are coming from. I deal with people who are “training” everyday. That is, if you consider training talking. I just didn’t think men could talk and sound so much like woman in the gym. But, they do.

Unfortuneatly it’s getting harder and harder to find a good gym, with decent equipment, and members who know the proper etiquite of the gym

1 All weight plates must face the same way, either pounds out or in

2 When asking for a spot, a the person doing the lift must actually perform the lift, not have the spotter do a deadlift to get wieght off geek who shouldn’t be doing weight in first place

3 A leg extension machine is not a seat to sit on and flirt with the girls/guys of the gym

4 A trainner should never under penality of death badmouth a person excersisng or offer their assistance to anyone who looks like they could curl said trainer

5 When working out, no cell phones, sunglasses, or jeans, it’s a gym not a dance club

6 When doing a work out it is always polite to ask if a person is using a peice of equipment or just sitting there

7 Never get in the way of someone working out, it’s rude and that person could get hurt if they are concentrating on form
Anyone else got some rules that I forgot?

I had a friend who used to tell me that he trained for three hours five days per week!

I just had to see this for myself. I went to his gym to train with him and he performed 25 very useless sets in the two and one half hours he was there. I did what he did and said nothing.

He trained with me the following week and we were in and out in :45 minutes! And he almost died at the :25 minute mark. “You kidding me, why would you put yourself through this?”

Big difference between talking and training…oh yea. Pick a Gym where there are serious people moving iron!

Well a good thing came out of this… sorta… I ended up getting one month free… but i feel it is in my best interest to find a gym that is not playing the newest MTV jams on the MUUUZAK…

NO NO NO NO!! I’ll tell you what I’d do/have done in that situation.

For about 4-5 years I studied martial arts at a very popular karate school in my area. The teacher at the school was/is an extreemely arrogant d-bag. Anyway he told me he was opening a gym and had a job for me where I could work the floor and get my certs at that same time. He shafted me on the job, and shortyly after that I stopped going to his school. Anyway, I get 1-2 free one month passes to dickjaws gym every summer from various friends who have memberships there. One leg day I ate close to 3 lbs of fresh caught fileted sea bass w/garlic and butter sauce about an hour or two before my workout. Well around my 6th set of squats (GVT style) I fucking wrenched the most putrid smelling gutload of supplements, fish,garlic and pw shake you could imagine in one of their trash receptacles. After wipping the excess from my mouth I went back to the squat rack took a sip of water and put my headphones back on. Right around that time some employee came over to me and starting saying something like “Hey you can’t just throw up in the garbage like that wonk wonk… Bitch I’m gonna kill you you don’t wanna fuck with me” oh wait that last part was Eminem on my disk man. I just smirked at him and resumed my 7th set. Mr. “I don’t wanna have to throw out the disgusting bag of fish vomit” went and got one of the managers and the two of them came over and starting taking to me. I didn’t turn my headphones down and after I finished my set, I said I’ll try to make it to the bathroom next time, while I walked over to my next exercise.

The lesson here. Eat some foul smelling shit ex. fish @ garilic before leg day. Squat till you puke and just smile because THEY CAN’T DO SHIT!

The problem here is that this idiot has every right to use the gym equipment as he sees fit unless he’s doing something outrageous. Cell phone use (and other things like performing curls at the power racks) isn’t currently considered outrageious. Perhaps a good angle is to start complaining about them. It would be a tough sell unless people’s ringers were going off all the time which generally isn’t the case anymore (it used to be). Getting cell phones banned would have solved your problem here but would probably inconvenience more people than it would be worth from the business aspect.

The bottom line is the people in the gym that put in the most work and move the most weight generally get the most respect from the people working at the gym but from a business perspective, they aren’t going to alienate 3 people to keep 1.

Going up to this guy and proceeding to move the weights off when he wasn’t done wasn’t the brightest thing to do in this case. A better alternative would have been to go to the management and tell them that this guy has been in the squat rack using it as a phone booth for 10 minutes. They might have approached him and solved the problem for the future. If you get hostile with someone in a public place you are the one that is likely to get kicked out or arrested.

The romanticism of being a “T-Man” probably implies that you are just going to take something that you want. In the real world that kind of behavior is going to land you in jail. Ever since I started powerlifting I really care that people are doing curls in the squat rack and I get pissed off when people are monopolizing equipment either fucking around on a cell phone or socializing at the gym. Usually I just find something else to do. There’s never been a case where I’ve had to completely remove a movement from my workout because someone was using some equipment. I might have had to wait a while or even put up with oblivious morons for a while but aside from spending an extra 10-15 minutes at the gym, it wasn’t a big deal.