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asked to go to bb contest

Hey T-people need some help here.the lady that owns the gym where I workout asked me to go to a bb contest.she said she would flip the bill for the whole thing.I’d just have to go do it.the thing is I look in the mirror and I don’t see it. I told her that, and she told me I was full of it.a few other guys that were there said I should do it, my wife said I should do it. I don’t know anything about contests ,don’t know anything about posing or any of that stuff.It’s not till november so I’ve got some time.I’m 5’9 160pounds I have 17" arms(only thing I’ve ever measured)around 7%body fat maybe a little lower haven’t checked in awhile.so what do you all think?

Dude, it sounds like you’d be a great candidate for an amature contest with those stats. If your into it, go for it. Remember you’ll have to shave everything (that weirds me out - Im not interested in shaving my chest and legs, etc). Also consider going on a bulk for maybe two months to pack on some more muscle mass (160lbs seems a tad light) then go on a cut to get your bf% back down to 7% (which is amazing by the way, congrats, you must be shredded as hell. lol).

Why is it that 160lbs at 5’9" sounds rather light? I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re entering a Novice division. Have you ever attended a BB contest? If not, that’s the first thing you should do. And you should talk to other competitors. Don’t ask your wife (unless she is knowledgable about BB and contests) - I should say, never ask a spouse unless they are knowledgable. Never ask your friends unless they too, are knowledgable. I’ve seen many a competitor that shouldn’t be on stage, and I’m sure they can also say “I asked my friends”.

That's great that this woman is willing to sponsor you. But her cost, more than likely, will be for the entry fee - which in many cases is around $30 to $45. YOUR costs however, will be more. Will she pay for your supplements? Your grocery bill? I doubt it. You will. So, now the question you have to ask yourself is, after all the time, dollars and effort YOU spend: "what will be YOUR gain?" The experience? I never compete JUST for the experience, but to WIN. It'll be YOU standing up on that stage, not this woman.

So, talk to competitors who have experience of winning shows. Since BB contests are all VISUAL - I really couldn't give you any exact advice without SEEING you. Don't know what your proportions are, etc. Maybe you need to work on your back, legs, etc. Won't know exactly until a visual perspective is seen.

I hate to be a killjoy, but I think 160 lbs. at 5’9" seems very light. I’ve been busting my butt ever since I was under 100 lbs. (Spring of 2000) after a year in the hospital to get to my most recent measurements of 170 lbs. at 10% BF (at 5’8"). I want to compete more than anything in the world, as I see it as the short term culmination of all my hard work. However, regardless of the progress that I’ve made, I don’t plan to go anywhere near a contest until I’m at least a lean 180. I really need to bring up my legs and forearms. Based on the fact that you have 17" arms at 160 lbs., I’m willing to bet that your lower body lags well behind your upper body. Please don’t take this as a criticism, but I think that you would be better off waiting. I do, however, recommend that you check out a show in person. The first one I ever saw completely changed my life and helped to put into perspective where I need and want to be. Keep training hard and eating right, and you’ll be there in no time. We both will:)

ya man I’m with you I’m to light at 160#.just need more work on forearms & thighs.I love working arms, now just have to start love thighs.I’m going to do like you said and go watch.I didn’t start doing this to compete anyway.maybe when I’m around 180 or so,I’ll be into it. thanks for the help!!!