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Ask Physiolojik Thread


No that’s not the case at all. The body in its quest for homeostasis will automatically over time downregulate receptors that it views as over-activated. This is a super simplified explanation but easy to understand - this is how tolerances of any kind are built up. Over time when you give your body anything in excess - for instance caffeine - your body starts to desensitize receptors for caffeine and you have limited effects.

If androgen receptors were upregulated upon saturation then you would, given that idea, constantly have unlimited androgen receptor upregulation and in fact increased sensitivity over time. You’d never stop growing from androgens - which we know isn’t true.

In its quest to maintain homeostasis the body will always downregulate receptors which are constantly saturated. I believe I posted a video about this idea in the past.

Don’t confuse regulation with sensitivity either. When you take testosterone you add more androgen receptors - but they also become less sensitive. The body is smarter than you. This is actually similar to insulin sensitivity. When you constantly bombard cells with insulin they stop listening - they become LESS sensitive when MORE hormone is present over time. @alldayeveryday


Of masteron? No long term use of that. @studhammer


@physioLojik you don’t sound like a great fan of masteron either.

It sounds like hammering dopamine levels wouldn’t help with depression, or might cause some symptoms. Looks like masteron should be on my avoid list too.


@Graemsay I actually like masteron but in small dosages and rarely. It was a drug created to lower estrogen in women (mast) … it’s great pre contest.


Thanks I know that it’s popular with some coaches.



… that joke may have been innapropriate


Mazos is the Greek word for breast @unreal24278


What are we calling small dosages?


So, you’re saying that I shouldnt add Mast to my TRT for a significant length of time? How long it too long? Right now I’m running 200/week in addition to my 250 Test/week and feeling great right now. Erections have completely returned to pre-NPP levels. @physioLojik


For me trt freed me of the Prozac that I’d been chained to for three years. Over 15 years I’ve taken 11 different antidepressants. My doctor has worked with me for a long time and has done everything he could to get me better. I was borderline “treatment resistant” depression at one point. I was ready to give up more than a few times. Even had a nice, clean exit strategy planned out for the day that it got too hard to manage. Then I started trt. I know it won’t work for everyone, but the benefits of trt for some of us go way beyond the usual good stuff that happens in the gym and the bedroom. For some of us it quite literally saved our lives.


I was in a similar situation. I never sought medical help while suffering through depression. Never used antidepressants. What’s sad is no matter how bad it got I never sought medical help until my pecker stopped working lol. That’s a powerful motivator lol.


Thanks @iron_yuppie and @alldayeveryday.

I’ve only tried two antidepressants: Zoloft / sertraline helped a bit, but the side effects became worse than the benefits; I’m currently taking lexapro, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much, and I’m thinking of coming off.

I was off antidepressants for a while, but went back on when it worsened last year. To be fair, I was having a rough time due to things outside of my control.

I’ve found TRT helps a lot. I ran 250 mg a week for a few months, and felt great for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately my doctor was concerned that it’d damage my heart, so…

I haven’t tried 500 mg, so I’ve no idea how that would affect me.


@physioLojik would you care to comment?

thank you!


Been on cream 3 days. No change to ED. Even with 6x my normal dose of Cialis (from 5mg to 30mg). Erectile Dysfunction is bothering me a lot! I guess I’ve to be patient for a couple more weeks, atleast. Follow-up since change in TRT protocol is in 4 weeks.


Hey everyone. I have a quick question regarding a cycle that I started 20 days ago. To everyone in this thread’s horror, I elected to take a close friend and “gym bro’s” advice (i know, i’m an idiot) and begin an Anavar only cycle (without test). Now, I have taken Anavar before. Around 6 months ago I did a small cycle of 50mg Var and 500mg Test (250mg twice a week) for 10 weeks. I didn’t take a PCT or any liver support during the cycle and had relatively low side affects. I did notice a drop in energy shortly after ending the cycle that continued for 4-6 weeks, but after that everything seemed to balance itself out. This time around I have not taken ANY testosterone, and it’s been exactly 20 days since i began. I do not plan to continue this cycle (if you can even call it a cycle). Since doing some research I discovered that Anavar will serve to deplete my natural testosterone levels which i didn’t know until earlier today. I know, It’s truly ridiculous that I didn’t take the time to do my own research. Nevertheless, this left me terrified. I have been taking 50mg Var for 20 days, and I just found out that I am leaving for San Antonio, Texas for bootcamp with the Navy in less than 3 weeks. SO, i am aware that my test levels will even out (especially since it’s only been 20 days). BUT, I would rather not enter bootcamp with drastically reduced Testosterone levels. I wasn’t sure what options that I had/or could pursue this late into the game. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. My body stats:
-23 yrs old
-6’0 226 pounds
-16% body-fat


Run a quick 3 week pct


Thank you so much for the quick reply. Are there any PCT products that you would recommend? I’ve looked into Clomid, but i don’t have anyone in my personal life that has access to it, and I’m not too keen on buying it online and being susceptible to fake drugs.


If I were you I would be running nolvadex asap


There are research chemical nolvadex that is good.


Thank you very much. I’ll look into Nolvadex!