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thats kind of what i thought i did increase my dosage slightly per injection with the idea it could be under dosed . but thank you for clearing that up. I may make a thread with my log and photos im keeping for progress and to notate how im feeling and strength increase .


Hope all my t nation buddies are doing well! Sorry for being spotty on the responses - family / baby / wife / clients haha :slight_smile:

Hope all you guys have a solid weekend!


No problem man. We will be here with our questions when you have time :wink: :peace_symbol:


Haha thanks brother. It’s been so fun working with a lot of you guys directly. Correcting mistakes from other docs is always fun haha @NH_Watts


Dr Sir Mr Sir. I was wondering about something, for purely vanity and cosmetic reasons I’d like to cut some bodyfat over the next month (and I think I’m too fat), I want to drop about 4 percent BF.

When aiming to lose BF percentage, does one always lose muscle mass? I keep hearing the mythology that during a phase in which one cuts BF percentage, you HAVE to lose muscle mass and that you cannot gain or even maintain muscle mass when in a caloric deficit, and I don’t buy this at all. Given the properties of anabolic steroids (increased protein synthesis, decreased amino acid breakdown, increased nitrogen retention etc) one would think you could certainly maintain, or even GAIN LBM on a mild cut as you’re body makes more efficient use of the nutrients it’s given. Am I wrong?

This piece of literature appears to show one can lose fat and gain appreciable amounts of LBM at the same time in natural individuals


I could get bigger and then cut, however I’m like 16% BF and I think that’s too high

Also, how’s the baby?


Hey guys, wondering if someone could give me advice on my ferritin level. I’ve been struggling with exercise intolerance for a while and it’s only getting worse. For the past week I’ve felt great for the most part. My only complaint is that exercise leaves me feeling like death and usually ruins the remainder of my day on workout days. Upon reading into ferritin, I discovered that exercise intolerance could result from low levels. Below are some of my labs for reference:

Iron Level: 112 Range 49-181
TIBC: 355 Range 261 - 462
Ferritin: 26 Range 22-322
Red Cell Distribution Width: 13.6 Range 11.5-14.5
RBC: 6.05 Range 4.70-6.00 HIGH
Hemoglobin: 16.1 Range 14.0-18.0
Hematocrit: 50.6 Range 42-52
MCV: 83.6 Range 80-94
MCH: 26.6 Range 27-31LOW
MCHC: 31.8 Range 33-37 LOW
Platelet Count: 242 Range 140-440
Mean Platelet Volume: 10.6 Range 7.4-10.4 HIGH

My TRT doctor said I may have a small bleed somewhere in my gut which may be contributing to some of the above results. My PCP is indifferent, as usual.


As androgens stimulate erythropoisis, it would make sense to hypothesise a sudden increase in RBC/HCT could lower ferritin, you’re iron stores are currently fine. You’re MCH and MCHC is low, which could indicate (hypochromic microcytic anaemia) caused by an iron deficiency. Given you have low ferritin, high platelet volume and low MCH and MCHC, an iron deficiency could very well be the case. However what’s causing the iron deficiency? You may have a bleed in you’re gut, you could have haemorrhoids (do you notice blood in you’re stool?), or it could be due to erythropoietic stimulation from androgens (if you’re sensitive to said side effect) or a combination of both

It’d be interesting to see a reticulocyte count to see what percentage of you’re RBC’s are immature, and it’d help with a diagnosis. You may benefit from a colonoscopy to see if you legitimately have a bleed in you’re gut.

How’s you’re diet, are you a vegetarian or vegan (my twin brothers a vegetarian and he likes subtly telling us he’s morally superior for not eating meat and it’s so very, VERY annoying)

Do you donate blood?

Either way, supplementation with some iron will help, use liquid iron, the tablets cause an upset stomach for many, use vitamin C with the iron. Yeet, floop.


No blood in my stool (which I can see with the naked eye). No hemorrhoids to my knowledge either. As far as erythropoietic stimulation from androgens, yes, I was told that I’m a “good producer of red blood cells” by my last urologist.

Neither vegetarian or vegan. I’d say the only thing my diet lacks is seafood and I supplement with omega 3’s in an attempt to make up the deficit.

I haven’t in a few years.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into liquid iron and I’ll ask my doctors to follow my supplementation as I know getting too much iron is as detrimental as low iron.

You’re going to have to educate me on the meaning of both these terms. I’m not old and now I feel old.

Thanks for your time!


awesome, you’re the first person to question me on my zany antics. Yeet is a random word, just like supercalafragalisticexpialadociouis. Floop, dorp and whatnot are words I made up because I like the sound of them.


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The same thing we do every night, Pinky.


Hi there @physioLojik - hoping all is well with you and the growing family. Quick question - in your experience, have you noticed whether armour thyroid increase SHBG?

Thanks in advance for any info, I appreciate it.


Hello @physioLojik !

To the point:
How do you recommend I handle E2? I bumped up my test to 200mg per week from 140 and lowered my hcg to 500iu per week from 750, both in divided doses (E3.5D). You recommend Nolva over Ralox? And what dose? Do you think Nolva is needed to prevent gyno? Or do you suggest it for other reasons? And what about fetility and to prevent testicle shrinkage if I drop the hcg? Would Nolva prevent that as well?

Longer story for why I’m worries about gyno:
I started trt about 2 years ago and had a really tough time dialing in E2, I thought I may have gotten some gyno at only sensitive e2 of 36 after the first month of 140mg test cyp + 750iu hcg per week so I jumped on anastrozole and crashed the hell out of my E2 so I switched over to raloxifene 60mg ED for 6 months and I’m not sure it had any effect on the gyno.

I saw a few gyno doctors and one said I may have it but the other 2 said I don’t, I also got a mammogram, ultrasound, and chest MRI, all negative. When I show pictures to other places like Reddit, depending on the temperature of the room, there’s users who think I still have it.

At one point my left nipple became very painful to touch and a lump appeared, I used letro and Ralox to calm it down and by the time I had the above tests done, the pain was gone and the lump shrank a lot, which is why I still think I have it it’s just not easily detectable.

I’ve always not used higher doses of test for fear of gyno, and have used Tren and other compounds like superdrol when I want to blast, both of which are much harsher in all other areas other than E2. Which sucks :confused:


@testnoob50 email me. In bio.


Hello Doc! I need to ask you something about my first cycle: I’m going to run sustanon 250/every 5 days for about 12 weeks and 50 mg Anavar + 50 mg Proviron / daily for the same period! Do I need any AI or Tamoxifen on the road? And what is the proper PCT?

Thank you!


@Ghostme76 shoot me an email. It’s in my profile.



Hey bro, what was the recommendation for Magnesium for lowering blood pressure on TRT?



hey so I got new e2, and dht labs done, E2 is even lower now at 12(11.5-45) DHT is also lower at 172 (300-850) previously it was 220.

I also noticed looking back at my blood tests that on the first one I had slightly elevated Liver enzymes GGT and ALT. Second test liver enzymes were normal but Billirubin was elevated. Finally on my last blood test liver enzymes GGT and ALT were elevated again, I was wondering if there was a problem in the background I was unaware of. I showed my doctors my blood tests, but it was all done in a bits and pieces and was showed to the doctor like that so Im wondering if he maybe missed something?

Once again symptoms are (no libido, no morning/spontaneous wood, low semen volume and force, genital numbness, tight and high scrotum, and dribbling of urine.)


Email me man.