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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Its the butter physio recommends but the grassfed part may just be it’s a healthier choice of butter.

Does the grassfed have some chemical in there to treat clicking of the joints??

@alphagunner maybe get the free estrogen test as well. And e1.


Ive been on TRT for over a year now with improvements in many aspects of my life. One aspect that has only improved mildly is memory. After listening to a TRT doctor speak recently, and him directly stating “If a client has memory issues I can almost guarantee its a pregnenolone deficiency”, I am considering a pregnenolone blood test. Do you agree with this and do you think this test is worthwhile?


Probably the increased amounts of conjugated linoleic acid but unsure if it relates to joints.


Do you have any other cognitive issues?

I used to be very smart. I was a quick thinker and had an easy time learning advanced subjects and solving difficult problems. Now, nothing sticks, and cognitive work that should take hours now takes me an entire week. This makes it hard to study up on TRT, obviously. Not to mention how demoralising it is to lose something I considered part of my essence.

I’m hoping this is the what some people describe as “brain fog” and that it’ll go away after treatment starts.


Funny you mention cognitive function on testosterone. I’ve read a ton of anecdotes from guys who have noticed that their normal dose of Adderall has ceased to work well while they’re on cycle. Meanwhile, my dose has been cut in half and it’s still stronger than it was before I was on trt. My point is that brains are unbelievably complex and it’s wild how different the outcomes can be from one guy to another.


No other issues persist. I used to have the brain fog and that felt more like nothing was real. Like you were floating outside your being ever so slightly. Slightly disconnected. That is completely gone. I feel grounded and focused but studying, reading, problem solving, long stretches of work require my full attention and then still I am only able to internalize 25% of it.

Maybe I am mixing terms here, not sure.


Ah, super familiar.

Good to hear, I’m happy for you!

Have you sensed a difference in time perception? For me, a week flies past and it barely registers as a single day.


Yes definitely. That has disappeared.


The fly-by nature of time?


Either way, looking forward to physio’s reply to your question!


Thanks broski, my wife was on it as soon as I told her. This is the brand we can get fairly easily also.


Mr. Physiolojik i had replied to your old cycle log thread I was curious when you ran 600mg test and 300mg deca what your total test and free test was .By the way I am new here and really appreciate all the great information and insight you put on this forum. Thank you . Also two parts to this reply i’ve been on a cycle of test e 500mg weekly 25mg dbol daily i had my bloods ran beginning of week 3 at my local VAMC here in dayton and my total test was 1323 ng/dl with a range of 240-814 . They didnt run a free test reading for me sadly . They did however give me e2 which was high at 86.3 pg/ml with a range of 0-52.5. i was concerned my gear might be slightly underdosed. any insight would be wonderful here are my stats 36 6’1 245 bf% unsure high teens maybe better>? i was in the military and play semi pro football ive been lifting seriously for 8-9 years.


Bro! It takes 5 weeks for the compounding half lifes to add up. It’s going to increase over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Atleast you know it’s legit testosterone but give it time. Depending on your shbg level your free testosterone is probably just over range right now. I’d guesstimate 30 on a scale to 25. Your e2 is high but so is your tt. Party on garth.


yeah im feeling stronger libido has definitely ramped up lol the wife isnt complaining . i guess im chasing the feeling of my first cycle ( last summer ) pump is great… surely alot coming from dbol which im finishing tomorrow stamina has vastly improved and recovery. Sadly last cycle i didnt get blood work (rookie mistake ) and i just had to go based off feel So those numbers threw me for a loop a . I did pin first injection of week 5 this morning gonna train legs this evening. Thanks alldayeverday


Thats low Total T for 500mg.
UGL or Pharma? seems underdosed.
He said it was 6000 ng dl for 600mg test.


ugl/ homebrew from a lifelong friend.


worthy of mention this was going into week 3 late in the afternoon!


Are u injecting once a week?


twice a week thursday and sunday . blood was drawn friday evening


Okay normal then, it takes up to four week to reach peak level as alldayeveryday said. If u were injected 500mg in once, total t would be higher but 250mg at a time will give u around 1500-2000ng dl, thats okay.