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Ask Physiolojik Thread


And how do you quantify that?


Speaking of cycling…do you feel there is any greater benefit in terms of risk/reward to say a 500mg/week blast for 8 weeks versus the more standard 12 week cycle duration?
Also how is the new practice coming along? And the new addition to the family?


but theoretically one can grow on 0mg/wk given that he/she hasn’t hit his/her genetic potential (something that’s damn near impossible to do in the first place), having supra levels of hormones make one able to gain mass faster and/or retain muscle mass more efficiently on a cut. My hormonal status is currently on the lower end of supraphysiologic, I find I can work out harder (slightly more weight on my sets while maintaining good form), recover faster (DOMS doesn’t last as long) and still have the energy to do other things like help out my with manual labour style tasks on the farm (something I’m required to do frequently)

So you say the lowest dose needed, are you referring to the lowest dose required to grow faster than what you would naturally? @physioLojik


Just want to be clear, I was speaking about my experiences with other docs, not @physioLojik.


@physioLojik, and anyone who has experience/insight, if someone were running a dbol kickstart for a test blast would the same rules apply? No ai and nolva for cycle support and e2 protection. Would you just run the nolva higher due to the dbol aromitization?


Hi iron_yuppie suggested I talk to you about my situation:

I have pasted a link to my original thread:

I just wanted to know what is your opinion on why my LH is so low? And is there a way to bring it back up and I presume my testosterone levels should follow.


How can someone understand his e2 crashed due to arimidex?


Say what!?!


What I mean is you are taking arimidex in a cycle

If your e2 is crashed could you understand without blood work? Any side effects you would notice?


Apart from zero sex drive, dry red skin, fatigue, feeling like death warmed up. That’s only a couple of my head. You will know for sure if it’s crashed. It’s hell on earth. Much worse than high e2 IMO. I battled this for 2 years before giving up the arimidex. Unless one is seriously obese or has dysfunctional liver problems it’s not a good idea to start the rollercoaster of swinging hormones. Tamoxifen is what I use now on cycle and nothing on TRT. E2 sits high but I feel a lot better


I need your help. There is a young guy on this forum that has serious problems. He has a parasitic infection of his intestines. He has taken the last of his meds and still feels like shit, and no longer wants to live. He is following some whack job nutrition plan which in my opinion is making matters worse. We have told him it’s going to take some time for things to get back to normal.
Will you talk to him? Maybe help figure out a better nutrition plan? If anybody on this forum needs a gut healing diet it’s this dude.
If you will I will tag you in his log.


@ChickenLittle sure. I’ll look over it when I can get to it for sure


Thank you.


Hey @physioLojik Thank you for this thread. I really enjoy checking in and learning from what you post on here. Have a question on fertility.

I have been on 120mg/week of Test only for about a year and feeling amazing. Completely turned my life around. My wife and I are looking to try and conceive in the next 6-8 months. Had a semen analysis done and shows zero swimmers. My Dr has prescribed 1,000iu of HCG a week to assist and was thinking of splitting M/W/F. The plan is to then discontinue the HCG if all goes as planned and go back to test only. If does not go as planned, I will ween off the test until we are successful.

My question is if I could get my hands on the Nolva, would this help things out as well?


Brother @physioLojik Please help.

What can I take supplement or food wise to heal my Tendons/Ligaments and cartilage from the low e2 in the past? Currently, keeping e2 high.

Bone Broth? Glucosamine/Chondroitin? Vitamin C?

Everything pops, all my joints have crepitus, no “pain” but I don’t want it to get to that point.


@alphagunner check out tb 500. Lots of fish oil as well. Also loads of grass fed butter


How high are you keeping your estrogen?


Yeah @alphagunner what are you calling high e2?



Will do fish oil again (have done in the past). I eat lots of butter, I will look specifically for grass fed.

What about Vitamin C? I saw that you take quite a bit. I am always hesitant to use a research chemical just because there is no way to know what it really is (tb500).

What about glucosamine/chondroitin?

@alldayeveryday @hmcyl

In the past my e2 on the non sensitive test was always 30-33, last time I checked my e2 was 44.