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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Are you 100 percent back to normal now?


its Happening a lot less. Can go weeks then flair up normally when stressed out. The erections are fine now and urinating, but that damn cold feeling kicks in the odd time


It’s definitely nerve related in some way


The guys at the gym called me stone cold Steve Austin Lol fuckers

One last thing @joeviv10. Pudendal Neuralgia keeps popping up online. My physiotherapist also says this could possibly be the problem. Just another thing to discuss with your doctor. Good luck I’m off now


I also have this strange body odor and dry tired eyes. The body odor is like yeast? Its like its blocking testosterones effects? Testicles feel hardened out like they have no semen in them too.



I am struggling to get hold of any AI before I start on my cycle on Monday. I’m only on a low dose, at 300mg/wk of Test E however I was wondering if I can’t get hold of any should I put in some Nolva during my cycle?

Please note that I intend on running Nolva on my PCT at 40/40/20/20



The majority(?) of us would prefer to see you not use an AI at all in favor of Nolva anyway.


Just run the nolva 10 mg per day for the duration of the blast. 300 mg is not crazy high. If your feeling froggy just run the nolva for 5 or 6 weeks and then do an e2 test. If your e2 isnt to high then drop the nolva until your pct


I also intend on taking 50mg var for weeks 4-10 too, would that be a little too intense on my lipids? If not I could maybe do some real searching around to see if I could find any Arimidex, but not 100% I could get hold of any.

Sorry to be a pain!


You don’t need an anti e on 300 mg of t and then lipid effects from anavar won’t be permanent. That being said - I don’t like anavar :slight_smile:

I wanted to take a moment to say hello to my t nation friends and family since I’ve been absent a little recently with in laws in town. I am still reading and checking in.

Also to the guys who have reached out to me via email - it’s great to be able to help you all personally in more detail! I am trying my best to make time for all of you haha!


Weird follow up regarding my wife, she went to refill her other scrips and found that the doc had called in a T3 scrip without telling her, or giving her any instructions. Scrip is 5mcg, from what I read on standard dosing protocols with T3, it says to start at 5mcg daily and increase by 5 every 3-4 days until desired effect is reached. Considering the doc gave no instructions, we’re kind of at a loss here.

Do you think she should follow that recommended dosing until told otherwise? Staying at 5mcg per day for any length of time seems pointless to me.


Makes you wonder how some of these cats made it through med school, doesn’t it?



So my brother went to med school, passed in 2001, he was an ER doctor.

Couple of jokes,

What do you call the guy that finished last in the class?


What do you call the guy that didn’t get in?


In defense. my guy went to med school in Guadalajara, he’s an endo. One of my brother’s best friends is also an endo, and treats my dad.

Both are clueless. They are way more concerned with diabetes and renal failure, much bigger part of their practice. I know my endo has twelve guys on test, is totally ignorant of E2 and Ai’s, much more concerned with diabetes patients.

To be fair to them, they don’t give a fuck, it’s not lucrative.


And there it is.


I give a fuck about my patients. I also didn’t go to medical school in Latin America or the Caribbean…

That being said - some guys in my medical school (northwestern) were also not the brightest. Like any profession you have standouts on both ends of the curve.


I think she needs a combo thyroid medicine.





When you run, or have your clients run, a mild cycle are you doing it solely on dose or are you shooting for bloodwork numbers, gym performance, growth or all of the above? What kind of TT and Free T numbers do you look for?


Cycling is based on the lowest amount of drugs needed to grow haha. I don’t typically pull labs for people running cycles.