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Ask Physiolojik Thread



I’m now on my second cycle (first was test e @ 250 twice a week - 10 weeks). Over 12 months has gone by, and decided to run it again, this time for 12 weeks, with 30mg DBol for 5 weeks as a kick start. Have been taking 12.5mg Aromasin EOD. I’m also taking 1200mg NAC, 2(0 TUDCA, 3g fish oil.

I feel great on the DBol, strength, pumps, mindset, everything is better than I ever felt during my 10 weeks of Test E. Absolutely feel great.
However, blood pressure is between 145/60 and 168/65. Heart rate 55-62. So systolic BP has gone pretty high. Usually I’m around 115-120 systolic.

Sunday will mark the start of week 5, but I’ve already contemplated dropping the DBol although I love how I feel on it.

Would love to hear your input / advice whether to drop it now, or finish week 5. Am I damaging anything by having elevated BP for a short amount of time?
How quickly should it drop back down once the DBol is dropped?

Hawthorn Berry I have read can help, but dosages are all over the place.


Due to ovarian cysts and some other issues, she had a total hysterectomy over the course of 3-4 procedures almost ten years ago - she is on HRT for this, forget exactly what. Prior to that her periods weren’t very emotional as I recall, but that was also before the worst of this really started. Body fat is mostly stomach hips and ass, but with the amount of weight she is carrying it has spread to her limbs as well.

Near constant joint aches and pains, gets sore easily, bruises easily, cannot lose weight but gains it super easy, complete lack of libido (we still have a sex life that she claims is enjoyable, but if I don’t bring it up then it won’t even cross her mind for weeks or even months - when I am deployed she might pull out the magic wand once or twice in a 60-90 day span).



the urologist prescribed be saw palmetto , I guess he thinks I have some form of prostatitis?
Symptoms are discomfort in right testicle, groin, half the day I feel like I have urine at the tip of my penis, even after urinating, erectile dysfunction, genital numbness, cold feeling in genitals, right groin, no spontaenous/morning erections, ,low semen volume and orgasm anhedonia.

Do you think I should risk taking saw palmetto? I already have low DHT , high dhea’s, upper range prolaction, low e2 etc, high billirubin, uric acid.?

Should I get my PSA Checked first?


Did Drs say you have prostatitis?

Is the prostate tender when he checked it? Is it inflammed and enlarged?

If he diagnosed you with prostatitis you need some serious antibiotic to kill the infection. That is very important.

I had your symptoms. It is a sign of infection and with the urinaryy system it is usually bacterial. If you don’t treat the bacterial infection you will be in serious trouble. No fever yet? You can cause permanent damage


I have seen 3 urologists , have done urodynamics testing without a diagnosis. I have had the prostate checked physically and through ultrasound.

After coming back to him a second time , and explaining my symptoms to him, he told me he has an idea. Lets try PROSTAMOL UNO (it contains saw palmetto)

I am not sure whether I should take it or not. I feel like I have nothing to lose.
I have had this for over 2 years, and still dont know what the hell is going on? I have low libido, numb genitals, ed. Im not sure if its from severe diet 2.5 years ago or from a prostate infection or something?


Did you ever take antibiotics for this or for anything?


This means infection in my book


prostatitus is an umbrella term they use when they haven’t a clue what it is. It’s impossible it’s prostatitus without bacteria infection. I have had this for nearly 3 years. They con the term - Chronic pelvic pain syndrome. This is all over the internet without any legit cure. I had the exact same symptoms- cold numb genitals, pain, urine problems, sticky damp feeling.

Does it get worse sitting down ? I had seen around 20 doctors and tried 4 strong antibiotics including Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline for months which probably done more harm than good. The cipro is nasty and should be avoided. I done 2 months of physiotherapy which consisted of a woman fingering my ass [ was embarrassing ] this didn’t work either. 2 MRI scans of pelvic area both no findings. Relentless creams - nothing. To this day there is still no answer to this. I spent hours every night and bled the internet dry on forums were people had this and there was never a cure. PSA - normal , prostate - normal.

It took nearly 3 years to subside but still flairs up the odd time, erections came back and urine problems gone. My conclusion is nerve damage or compression possibly from lower back. The nerves from back join with the penis etc. Mine got worse within 20 seconds of sitting down. Ice cold feeling.


hi rizla,

yes its a really uncomfortable feeling? I mean I have’nt had a spontaneous erection in 2+ years now. I can get one physically but it goes down in within 10 seconds of not being touched. Its as if the only reason I have a penis is to drain out urine? I will be looking to get my PSA tested on monday, thanks again for taking the time to reply to me in this dark time, really means alot.


never took any antibiotics for this. First doctor 2 years ago said it was probably just a mild case of epididymo-orchitis, gave me 1 week worth of antibiotics, didnt help. When I came after seeing neurologists x 3, neurosurgeon x2, urologists x 3, and endocrinologist x 3,she just said it must be in my head all these damn symptoms.


I dont produce precum anymore also, the glans of the penis is just cold ?


That’s why I replied. I know what this can do to a person. It’s a complete head fuck especially when no one knows what to do. I wish I could give you the answer but … there is none unfortunately, only peoples theories online. One bit of advice I could give is STOP JACKING OFF. This can become a bad habit and make things much worse, possibly from causing inflammation or more damage and not allowing to heal. Best of luck man it’s one nasty condition


Some Dr fucked you up. Orchitis is very serious as well. I can’t believe no one prescribed antibiotics. Unreal. Even if theres a chance it’s not bacterial you use fucking antibiotics for this.

Tell Dr you want antibiotics. It has ti be a full course. I had to take Cipro for 30 days. It’s longer treatment than a regular infection.

__if you had untreated prostatitis or orchitis ,Drs may have caused permanent damage. You can lose a fucking testicle with orchitis._ @joeviv10


O they are brilliant at coming off with that excuse. It’s better for them to say it’s in your head, than to say they don’t know. I was close to smashing a computer screen over a doctors head when he tried to pull that one with me. Sitting there in agony with an ice cube dick.


She did give me anti biotics, but only for 1 week. After that she sent me for testicle ultra sound and it came back clean. When I mentioned the numbness she asked why didn’t I say that earlier, and sent me to neurologist, neurosurgeon. Although I have a minor herniation at l5 s1., they do not believe it to be the cause. Funny enough it actually does feel like instead of a penis I just have a small cube of ice on top of my testicles.


Pain from the prostate radiates … And get referred pain in areas like testicles

I had similar pain like you and symptoms. Dr sent for testicular ultrasound. Saw heterogeneous testicle which I could have always had. Radiologist indicated in his report check for possible orchitis. Urologist immediately gave me antibiotics. Orchitis can also cause infertility.


I get the feeling to sometimes that something is clogged in my right seminal vesicle (vas deferens) it is only on the right side I get this feeling , never on the left.


This is always popping up with people that have this condition, me included. I’d go and see a chiropractor. It’s too strange to be a coincidence that everyone has a herniation l5. No one should take cipro without the presence of bacteria. That is one nasty fucking drug.


I will be getting my PSA checked hopefully on monday. My bad I meant to write that I have spina bifida l5-s1 and a minor herniation l1-l2


Have it checked good luck :+1: