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Ask Physiolojik Thread


I’m guessing you mean Guadalupe river.




@unreal24278 we are actually going down for a wedding in Brisbane. How close is that to you


This is so right. I was doing some shit wrong for years including having my hands too wide for OHP. It didn’t start bothering me until recently but that was probably because I was doing a lot of wide grip pull ups. I did a few months of shoulder rehab to get mobility back and give them a break and now have a modified pre-hab I do before bench or shoulder lifts. I also mostly only do hammer pull-ups now (or if prone have my hand much closer like shoulder width) and brought my hands to the innermost knurling on the bar. No more shoulder pain.

To note this all started while doing incline benches improperly and letting the bar come down too far and hit my chest. I felt it immediately.


Not close but I do go down there on a semi regular basis as I have close family that lives there. I tend to go down there in the autumn months (im actually going there in like 3-4 months from now)

That being said given the fact that I’m gonna be touring areas I haven’t been to next time I go to the USA, I’m totally open to going to visiting Denver. If I was going in the winter (which I probs will go again after I graduate. I’d go to the plumas mountains for the massive snowstorms)


I will be in Brisbane in the middle of May. @unreal24278. And for sure. You’re more than welcome to visit here.


I’ll check, I legitimately might be in Brisbane in the middle of May. If not I’ll visit Denver (that’s if you’re comfortable with it)




Will do, I’ll be around long island. Whereabouts are you.

Keep in mind this is like a good 5-6 mths away


I’ll have to email you. I do not like pinpointing my location.


K I now have tutanoa. ProtonMail was irritating to navigate on my device. Email in bio

So @physioLojik Dr Sir. From what I remember I believe you cruise at 300mg because you’re literally larger than Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his prime. Do you intend to stay on 300mg lifelong (just curious) or dial it back to like 200 or so when you get older.

Damn… Arnold is now 71!!! Looks bloody good for 71. Sylvester Stallone looks even better tho, tis like his body doesn’t age #hghandotherantiagingtherapy+ahefty"trt"regimen


@unreal24278 haha actually I’ve come down to 200 recently. Probably stay here awhile.

Stallone and Arnold both use a fairly large amount of growth and metformin so they avoid a lot of aging issues.


If fasting glucose is under 85 is it still safe to take metformin? I can wait till am older. Am 42.


From my understanding, Metformin doesn’t actually lower bllood sugar. It increases insulin sensitivity Low risknof hypoglycemia


Sounds exactly like I was sleeping when things were the worst. There were two positions I’d sleep in, imagine laying flat on your back, then folding your elbow 90 degrees. Rotate inward so your forearm touches your abdomen. That was one position.

The other was the exact same thing, except now lift your arm from that position so that the forearm is above your head. Effectively, if this was your left arm, your left ear is touching your left biceps.

I focused a lot on not doing this, and I’m in a lot less pain now.


Do you think you’ll size down with the lower Cruise dose?


Dr Mr Sir @physioLojik does weight lifting over time lower RHR similarly to cardio? Or is it only aerobic training/conditioning that causes an increase in stroke volume


All jokes aside… Serious questions.

Doctor read his bp at 140/100, five mins later the dr read 120/90.

Conditions could be due to a few factors. He is on Creatine, Protein, Test Booster and two weeks ago his cycle of clen stopped.

I told him to wait before taking clen again. Monitor his bp for a week and then if no changes and numbers are still high. Get off creatine or testboosters. I will work on getting the ingredients of the test booster.

What would you recommend?

He is a smoker and a gym goer. No cardio


@unreal24278 @physioLojik

would be cool if you could answer me, here is the dialogue again so far:


What kind of arrythmias do you have. PVC’s, PAC’s, afib, sinus tachycardia? The term arrythmia is quite broad.

You might’ve had a LVWT of 13mm prior to anabolic usage… However 13mm isn’t particularly dangerous in the absence of symptoms or measurement of serious cardiac dysfunction. Whatever the cause is, high doses of anabolics certainly won’t help haha

My blood pressure thing has called me out on an irregular heartbeat twice (I was breathing normally then suddenly pulled a valsalvour manouver to see what would happen, second time I was measuring my BP and I stood up while measuring causing a spike in my HR (I have sympathetic nervous system dominance and likely POTS, thus standing up without a beta blocker causes a 40+ bpm increase in my HR, so say it goes from 50-90 or 60-100, 70-110 etc), however my halter moniter demonstrated I supposedly didn’t have a single irregular heartbeat throughout the day.)

Blasting for the purpose of seeing whether it’ll further exacerbate LVH is an absolutely retarded idea, as is blasting 500mg/wk for the majority of the year. Unless you’re a competitive athlete of some sorts the cons far outweigh the pros.

What do youre arrythmias feel like? Describe the feeling