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Ask Physiolojik Thread


HIGH serum uric acid 507 (182-403)



Hey brother I just wanted your thoughts on something I saw you and @unreal24278 discussing.

Am I overtraining my shoulders? There has been some discomfort lately, no pain, just feels strange.

My Routine:

Back/Bicep: Deadlifts, Rack pulls, Bent Over Row, Bicep Work, Pull overs, Lat pull downs, Shrugs, Pull ups

Chest/Triceps: Bench Press, Skull Crushers, Push up variations, Dips, Triceps extensions.

Legs: Squats, RDL, Reverse Lunges, Calf Raises, Wall Sitting, Split Squats

Shoulders: OHP, front plate raises (variations also, such as V and A rotations), variations on delt raises (side, bent over). band work (suggested by PT), Face Pulls

I usually work about 3-4 days on then take 1 day off

My workouts focus on the compound lifts. I have been doing either a 10x10 or a 5x5 range for the compound lifts on all the workouts, and then around 3 sets of 10-20 for all other variation work.

I saw that @physioLojik was saying he never overhead presses with heavy weight, and that benching provides enough stimulation for those muscles. Am I overworking my shoulder joint?

For now, I have been stretching and passive hanging (which always helps, and has actually kept me lifting and without impingements) I sometimes get pinched shoulders from sleeping and hanging helps.

Any help anyone? @NH_Watts @unreal24278 @physioLojik @flipcollar

@studhammer I am adding people on here retroactively. If you have any advice I would be thankful.

Or anyone else that I forgot that is heavy into lifting.

***ALSO: I have been stalled on my bench. Related maybe?


Hey @alphagunner, after my THIRD rotator cuff surgery last Friday, my philosophy has completely changed regarding heavy weights. For the last 25 years I was always a “go big or go home” kind of guy. At 53, I really just stopped chasing numbers, PRs, whatever you want to call it. I think my shoulder (prior to the injury) responded pretty well to whatever I was doing but in the interim between the injury and the surgery when I was protecting my RC, I was focusing on “stimulation and activation” and I was much happier.

Personally, I like light smith machine overhead presses, light side raises, front plate raises, etc.

Edit: the only lift I do somewhat heavy is deads but those are infrequent. Normally deads are super-setted with chins which taps me out too much to pull anything over 405.


@studhammer Thanks bro. I don’t think I am getting anywhere near "heavy " on my lifts. My overhead Press MAX is 145. So, heavy weight for me, but not necessarily what you would call “heavy” . My bench press is stalled below 225. I didn’t think I would have to worry about going “lighter” than this. I am more than willing to change my routine (go lighter) , I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t over training with my routine.


@alphagunner Yes sir. I am really looking at quality volume, perfect form and contractions. As an older lifter, I’ve also moved from things like “leg day” “back day” etc. to more of a full body split and focusing on upper body and lower body major muscles. Ancillary stuff gets picked up on weekends when I can spend more time in the gym.


from a bodybuilding standpoint this may be correct, but as a strength athlete, I bench press and overhead press frequently. I’ve been pressing 3ish days per week recently. I also think that from the standpoint of shoulder health, varying the directions you press is a good idea. And of course plenty of pulling to compensate for the pressing.

But anyone, shoulder discomfort should be addressed before it becomes a real injury. To address it, we really need to know more than ‘it’s uncomfortable’. There are sooooo many ways for the shoulder joint to feel uncomfortable. I’d want to know if there’s any pain at all, if you’re only feeling the discomfort when moving weights or also without, what movements, specifically, feel uncomfortable, where, specifically in the joint you feel the discomfort, etc.

It’s probably not an overuse/overtraining issue. It’s more likely an ‘improper use’ issue. Addressing bench and ohp technique can often help, along with addressing upper back strength to make sure there isn’t a weak link there.


Agree with @flipcollar here. For me, it was an issue of strength. I couldn’t put a carton of milk in the fridge without pain and frankly I didn’t have the connective strength to do it either.


Thanks flip. That puts me at ease regarding whether I was over working the shoulder.

The discomfort is constant, but minor, no pain. I have felt similar discomfort when I sleep on my shoulder wrong, which is then alleviated by hanging. I have had “impingements” in the past from sleeping, poor form, and this feels very similar. Also alleviated by hanging just like impingements.

Yesterday I did dips, which I haven’t done consistently in a while, and I felt pressure on the front of my delt, maybe this is what aggravated it enough for me to notice. (I think this is what really triggered the discomfort)

Hanging has always helped, and has helped with this instance as well.

I’m going to change my routine to Push Pull Legs (A/B), alternating Bench and OHP on different push days. Should give me a little more time between pushing movements.

I regularly do BOR and pull ups, so I think I am getting my pulling motions in. I will keep working on form and upper back strength.

EDIT: I think my bench and OHP form are pretty good (I never really get injured from these lifts) . My Dips, not so much.


Based on my experience, I can pretty much tell you that we all have bone spurs that can impinge upon tendons.


For about 6 months, I was sleeping with my arm above my head, like using it as a pillow kind of. Anyway, I developed HORRIBLE pain when reaching up. I saw a KT and he gave me exercises and I got better. But the passive hanging has really been a game changer for me, anytime I have ever felt any shoulder discomfort I hop on the bar for 30 second increments, and try for about 2 minutes a day. Has been a cure all for me so far.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it with my routine, causing overuse of certain muscles or joints.

The biggest cause of problems for my shoulder is sleeping. No contest. I try and sleep hugging a pillow so that my shoulders don’t rotate inwards… Anyone else have any tricks for getting around this? I try and sleep on my back, but you know how that goes.


Do your arms fall asleep? Or we talking pain and soreness?


This. Basically imagine your shoulder being rotated inward all night by the bed. Just wake up stiff and a little “sore” not really pain though, just feels weird.

I use to have that problem where my arms would fall asleep on my chest, but I haven’t had that issue for a while.


So you’re a side sleeper? You might try a wedge pillow and elevate your head and shoulders.

I bet you have a bone spur that is affecting you at night. You could go see an ortho for xrays.


Does the wedge support your back? I do try and elevate my head at least with a pillow and I usually put one between my legs.

Stop wishing bone spurs on me @studhammer ! HAHHA. I don’t know about that, like I said it is generally OK, unless I wake up and I can tell I have been sleeping on it… Then it just has that discomfort. no real pain.


Just being a realist brother!

Yes to a point. I originally had one for acid reflux but now we have an adjustable bed that helps with that.


I think I do something similar with just a regular pillow and it does help a lot with the pressure on the shoulder. I think ill start trying that and move to a wedge if it helps. Thanks brother


Welcome. They dont last forever. I always got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Pretty sure there are better ones online now.


@alphagunner as @flipcollar said, the most common cause I see in shoulder issues is either a weak upper back (super common) and ridiculously tight lats (this will really jack up your shoulders).

For pressing, try doing cage pressing. It helps a lot.


@flipcollar hey man. I’ll be in the Dallas area end of March if you’d like to match up. Email is in my bio.

Edit. Maybe we should start doing round table meetups around the country haha


Aren’t you gonna be in Aus later this year? If so, why are you coming all the way down to Aus @physioLojik

I’ll be in the US in June (or is it July) I’m not sure. I’ll be in Texas because of the Guadeloupe river which sounds fun (Colorado too because the town of fairplay is the visual basis for South Park), New York and Pensylvania I’m sure you and flipcollar would like nothing more then to meet some random kid seen posting on a forum