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Ask Physiolojik Thread


Oh cool, thank you. I’ve seen adds for that place from time to time. Good to know they are legit.


I haven’t used them yet but have been reading up when I can. They seem to have their shit together if they can guarantee a delivery, in a dry ice cooler, at my doorstep with my choice of 5-31lbs of meat for the month.


That sounds amazing. My wife is a vegetarian and my kids don’t really enjoy meat either… So it would be all mine!



On the farm I live on with my family we will be getting animals soon (we recently finished building the structures needed to fence certain animals off from one another), the sheep will mow the grass (yeet), so I don’t have to mow that fucking massive piece of land with the tractor, our dogs can herd the sheep, chickens will provide us with eggs (and eventually some meat), said eggs will be entirely organic… I hope the dogs don’t eat the chickens… Shit… How’s that gonna work?

Also growing veg e tab les (of my choice) I have my own little area where I’m growing cauliflower, onion, and hot chilli peppers. Looking into growing saffron as a random activity. All of which can be assured organic.


@physioLojik what’s you’re opinion on on using brisk walking (say 4mph) as a form of LISS cardio?


Sounds amazing dude!


Actually we harvested some passionfruit today! It’s all for personal consumption. Its hard to find passionfruit in America and the passionfruit there isn’t great (where I lived) and it’s expensive. If you’ve never had a passionfruit get some, even shitty passionfruit will do, you won’t regret it.



@unreal24278, I’m not Dr Sir, nor do I play him on TV, but I like walking.

I’m not sure how good it is for general fitness, but over a given distance it’ll actually burn about as many calories as running. I also find it good for loosening up stiff joints, and also as a way of relaxing when I’m a bit stressed or anxious.


@unreal24278 haha you guys.

Walking is the best form of exercise there is. It nourishes your parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes and heals you. Between that and it’s effects on hip mobility, it rocks.

It’s the best compliment to weight training.


Hi @physioLojik I was wondering if you could check through my blood result for anything that sticks out?

You seem to be very knowledgeable and respected on here so would very much appreciate your input if you get the time.


Hey guys! Ever since I posted my contact email, the response has been amazing! It’s great that you guys have brought forward your indivudial cases and allowed me to delve into the more personal side of this experience. Because I think it’s so helpful I am going to try to squeeze enough time and space out for a few more people. So feel free to email me if you’re having trouble with cycling, TRT, nutrition etc. you guys are an amazing community and I’m happy to help!


First of all, cheers for holding the thread! Much appreciated.

I’m just about to start my first cycle of:
Wk1-10 Test E 300mg/wk
Wk4-10 Anavar 50mg/day

Nolvadex- 40/40/20/20

I wanted to have AIs on hand as a “just in case” and start at a low dose (either 0.125 or 0.25). If I start seeing signs of gyno in weeks 3-5 should I start taking the Nolvadex EOD? At what dose would you recommend?

Sorry if these seems ridiculously obvious, just really want to make sure I do my first cycle right.


Chances of getting gyno from such a dose assuming you’re a healthy, physically fit male are very, very, very low. AI totally unessecary


That’s definitely reassuring. I am most likely overthinking things but rather be safe than sorry!

Cheers Unreal :slight_smile:

I suppose at absolute worst case I could get some over the counter stuff, arimistane?


Don’t take arimistane


Any reason in particular for that? Or just because AIs are unnecessary on my pretty mild cycle?

EDIT: Punctuation

  • suicidal AI
  • designer drug

That’s all.


Ahh okay. Cheers for that.

My concern is that I worry I might be susceptible to gyno as my nipples have always been slightly “puffy” and not flat, although this may be just fat? I am approx 15-17% BF


Anecdote regarding arimistane. Before I chose to take the trt plunge I tried some otc supplements. I knew that they wouldn’t do shit but I felt that it was worth getting blood work done just to have some data. Since I’d already had blood taken for my trt consultation I had a baseline. Taking arimistane and the latest 4-andro (dhea snake oil) boosted my test by about 90 points (240ish to 332 iirc) and absolutely destroyed my e2. I’m talking e2 from 30 to 11 in a matter of four weeks. It’s a legit AI. It’s also significantly stronger than you think. Plus only God knows if that stuff is dosed anywhere near accurately. I would say it’s an absolute last resort and avoid it at nearly all cost.


Hi @physioLojik its me again, anyways I forgot to add some important blood tests that I have gotten.

HIGH Erythrocytes 5.77 (4.34-5.72)
HIGH ALT 62 (12-48)
HIGH GGT 78 (11-55)
HIGH Billirubin 21.1 (3-20)
High Cholesteral 7.1 (0-5.0)
HIGH Ldl 4.90 (<-3.0)
LOW DHT 220 (300-850)
LOW e2 12 (11.5-45)
HIGH dheas 12,51 (4,34-12,2)
LOW shbg 19 (18-54)
HIGH prolactin 285 (86-324)
24H cortisl Urine 77 (12-486)