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Ask Physiolojik Thread


@unreal24278. For you am at the mall.




@charlie12, you are an evil fucker :joy:


Maybe I WANT this!!!

And this, I want NO beneficial intestinal microflora #glyphosate, just the harmful strains of bacteria (whichever of the 100 trillion are harmful… I want those in overdrive)

I have no idea why I wrote this, and I don’t know all that much about intestinal bacteria, it’s a relatively new field is it not? I have some research to dooooooooooooooooo


When I mentioned the gut/ graves connection to the ex-doc, all I got was an eye roll🙄


I’ve been thinking about this, and to me it seemed like dig.

This GMO debate is a constant source of turmoil for me. Really.

Is it better to eat “bad” food or no food?

Is the organic/ free range/ grass fed food really any better?

I help people who are ranchers that sell their stock as “grass fed” beef. But they feed them protein tubs, and protein tubs with chemicals in it to keep the flies off the cows, and in the winter they feed range cubes. The USDA guys come out, gives his stamp of approval on it.

Another sells free range eggs. Yeah, the chickens run around in the pasture but still eat the GMO corn she feeds them.

Everybody here has deer feeders. They throw out tons of corn for the deer. Are the deer even organic anymore?

Tomato worms won’t even get on a Solar Fire tomato plant you plant in your garden.
I pulled them up because if it ain’t good enough for the worms, I’m not eating it!

Is the poop I put on my garden okay? Or not because the chickens ate GMO corn?

There used to be a guy in the O35 section that was a "engineer " for these companies. He said it was stupid and that only uneducated people believe that crap and they were saving the world.

I have MAJOR issues here!


@ChickenLittle I understand it can be frustrating. By law, organic chicken eggs can’t ever have been fed GMO feed. Organic grass fed beef cannot be pastured on a field that has used most pesticides, and cannot be fed GMO feed whatsoever. Non GMO doesn’t mean organic, but organic means non GMO.

Is it better to not eat? No. But sadly most people are unaware what GMO ingredients - lets say corn - have been bred to become a natural insecticide. The whole point is Monsanto created seeds that were impervious to roundup so that roundup could be sprayed field wide and they would survive. One study showed 90% of pregnant women in Canada had circulating levels of BT toxin from this process in their bodies, and BT toxin has been shown to create holes in cells, intestinal walls, etc. it also replicates in the gut flora of the host. The good news is that removing these things from the diet allows quick healing.

The impact on hormones by these substances is just beginning to be studied in large amounts. They are HORRENDOUS.

For instance, a few years ago in India, a large amount of farmers paid to have GMO seeds put down to replace their normal seeds (cotton mostly). Entire herds of animals (buffalo and goats) ended up eating the remaining plant after harvests and they all died. All of them. These are hot harmless ingredients.

I remove these items from patients diets before I even get into drugs.


I think this is a great topic. I try to eat non GMO and vegan, but just cannot do it. I also try to eat organic, grass fed, pesticide free, and my brother makes fun of me, says it’s all grown in the same field, they just label some of it organic and jack the price up.

Our food sources are a big concern for us moving forward. GMO is evil, factory ranching is evil, and the dishonesty in labeling is evil.

What to do?


@The_Myth what we’ve found is the best is to establish relationships with ranchers and growers and actually go to where our food comes from. Super impractical for most people. All you can do is the best you can do.

Crazy how Labeling laws were so far ahead in Europe years ago and then mass marketed to the US because consumers here don’t seem to give a shit.

Don’t even get me started on big Pharma. The United States is basically the only country where it’s legally allowed to market drugs on TV. I can go on and on and it isn’t good.


This, I know.

This too. It’s a Brave New World.


A few years ago I was dead set that my diet was the cause of my female problems. Not understanding what I know now. I went on a binge and wouldn’t buy anything I thought was GMO or produced by the ConAgra food group. I threw away almost all the plastic in my house. All food containers. Would not eat any fast food.

You are preaching to choir, because I have been on this train for a while now. But! I did have to loosen the reins. I was eating very clean and simply not getting enough calories in.
Just kept getting smaller and weaker.
I will eat out now if I am hungry. I will buy bread to make a sandwich but, I try to keep the crap to a minimum.

Maybe since I have a better understanding of what is going on, I can take another crack at the very clean eating.

Thank you for all you do.


@ChickenLittle awe you’re awesome. Btw my wife said to say hello and a big high five to being on here with a bunch of meat heads. When @unreal24278 was in the states we connected via phone and he’s seen pics of us (my wife is a beast haha) and she respects hard training women.

Don’t get me wrong - we go out too. We have fun. But we adhere to the 90% clean and good rule.


Im hoping this is the year that I finally convince my wife to go with farm meats and ditch most of what we get from the grocery store. I don’t trust the labeling anymore and have more faith in the farm putting themselves out there for all to see. There is a local company that works with a bunch of local farmers and provide service to a lot of my state. The prices are reasonable and they deliver.


I wasn’t digging at physiolojik, I was just writing a pointless post that was intended to be comedic. I’m sure genetically modified foods have long term health repercussions.

Hell, corn has been artificially modified so much it can’t even reproduce without the help of human intervention. When we modify natural biology, things get wonky… Sadly this includes the use of anabolic steroids.


Hello to Mrs. Physio back! High five :pray:

I have learned a LOT from the “meatheads” in this forum!


I have read articles about killer seeds Monsanto engineered. Just so farmers have to return to them to buy more seed.
I think this reaches much farther than most people think or are willing to admit.

For me, this is the top of the list for evil. Right under it is the spider web goat milk thing. ( I have huge issues with that) :smirk:


I mentioned this to my wife not long ago.

She said there is no GMO cereal for the kid… where the hell am I going to find it… haha… I’ll keep looking


Spot on doc and glad you mentioned that. I was one of those people who had a TSH of over 4.0 with class of hypo symptoms and antibodies (Hashimoto disease). Levox and Armor did nothing but drive my RT3 through the roof (I wasn’t converting T4 to T3). I found a doc who switched me to T3 (liothyronine) only and feel fantastic. T4-T3 conversion issues is an often undiagnosed problem from what I understand.


@NH_Watts if your comfortable reaching out, I put an email address in my profile. Living in MA too, I’d be interested in knowing what the company you’re referring to is.


I will just post it here: